Anderle puts college on hold to pursue hockey career

The Boys’ Buffalo hockey team played their final game on Tuesday, February 18. The seniors were heartbroken. The feeling had sunk in. For Senior Wilson Anderle there was no way this could be the end.

Anderle had made plans to go to college at Mankato State University. He applied at the college in the fall, and was accepted in the winter of this year. After he found out he was accepted, he had to choose between a few schools, but he decided on Mankato. He then started applying for housing and had all the details figured out for going to Mankato. He was going to pursue a career in sports management.

“I feel so empty, I have been playing for 16 years, this can’t be the end of playing hockey,” said Anderle. “I don’t want to be done.”

Anderle has decided to drop every detail and pursuit of college in order to play hockey for a while longer.

Anderle said, “I am going to play hockey as far as it takes me.”

He is going to be working out, skating everyday with a fellow teammate, and trying out for some Junior league teams. He is hoping to be on a Junior Tier 2 or Junior Tier 3 team.

“Somewhere in Minnesota would be nice but I am willing to go anywhere.” Anderle said.

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