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Alternative Summer Athletic Training

During the summer athletes here at BHS must be enroll themselves in a physical activity or  motivate themselves to stay in shape. Now this summer Bison Training is the alternative program. This program will be for all students entering 9th-12th grade and will be available at the high school.

Bison Training is being run by physical education teacher Jason Karn. Karn mentioned that he wishes he would have an opportunity like this as a teen. The goal is to get a serious start on training.

He would like to have student athlete long term athletic development. Focusing on the process is a key part to this program.

During June 13th – August 6th is when this will be held. There will be so training July 1-5. There are two different sessions; the first one is 6:30-7:45 and the other one is 8-9:15. Both sessions are held in the morning Students will meet Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday every week. This will all cost $115.

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