‘A Whole New Game’ How the Bison 10th Grade Boys basketball team overcame their greatest challenge.

10th Grade Boys Basketball navigates a season through the challenge of masking

It has been an up and down season for the 10th Grade Boys Basketball team, with obstacles such as mask mandates, unpredictable schedule, and limited fan seating taking up a large portion of their attention. 

In a sporting season that usually packs the gyms with Bison fans, BHS students have yet to get a full glimpse as to what playing a high-intensity sport with air blocking masks is like. The only people to gain the full perspective are the players.

Ethan Nuss is a Shooting Guard for the Buffalo Bison 10th Grade team. He has gotten to experience high-intensity exercise with masks and can give a first-hand perspective of this unique season. 

Q: In what ways do you believe your season has been impacted by social distancing guidelines?

A: “We haven’t been able to practice or scrimmage with other Buffalo teams and our benches during games are spread out”

Q: Do you believe that masks have given you an advantage or disadvantage against tougher teams?

A: “I think disadvantage to both teams because it makes it harder to breathe during games”

Q: Have practices been different this season?

A: “Yes, because we have to wear masks and can’t scrimmage other teams in the gym we have to stay separate.”

Lack of basic sports necessities such as practices and scrimmages would have taken a toll on any sports team. But like all of us during these challenging times, the Bison have repeatedly adapted.

The 10th grade Bison end their regular season at home versus Benilde tonight.

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