2018 Girls Lacrosse Debut

The Bison start the season with a new coaching staff by their side

The Bison Girls Lacrosse team opened the 2018 season with an undefeated record of 5-0 and a new coaching staff by their side. New Head Coach Peter Robson is joined by Assistant Coaches Tony Johnson and Ed Nue. Robson has been coaching high school level club teams for the past seven years and has led these teams to many State Championships. However, this will be Coach Robson’s first time coaching a high school team that is not club organized.  

The new season brings new goals, and each player took time to outline what they want to accomplish this season. Along with the players, head Coach Robson has goals of his own for the team. “We hope to help the girls feel confident in their ability and to have fun while improving,” Robson said, “but we also want them to develop as lacrosse players and young women. If we do those two correctly the ultimate goal is to win.”

Coach Robsons experience makes him a great addition to the coaching staff, and Captain Danika Tweten is among those who are excited.

“His expectations are high for our team, and he is encouraging us to play as a team rather than just having one person do the work,” Tweten said.

The Bison are going to be playing as more of a unit this season, and Captain Claire Stevens is eager to help the team come together to achieve success. Each player has to buy into this system and trust that Coach Robson will lead the team in the right direction.

Robson strongly believes in this group of athletes that he gets to call his team. “The girls have the desire and the will to win,” Robson said.” They are all extremely talented athletes and are starting to realize when they work together they can be unstoppable.”

As the season progresses the team aims to keep working together and playing as a unit in their remaining games. “As a coach my job is to bring out the potential that has always been there,”  Robson said.

Coach Robson is doing something right, even if he is just leading them in the right direction. Their goal of working as one has helped them beat Monticello and Hutchinson. Those are two of the stronger teams they will face this season. The Bison plan to keep building off of each game, and keep their momentum going into sections.

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