Wait wait, who’s better? Goodmanson vs Spetz

Due to a recent Twitter debate, there’s a sudden interest between two star players on rival teams.  Junior Gunnar Goodmanson from Buffalo, and Senior Connor Spetz from STMA. Tweets such as “#TeamGunyy”, and a picture of Spetz taking out Goodmanson in a game saying “wait whos better?” were coming out a few days after the Bison defeated the Knights in a 8-4 with Goodmanson scoring three goals, and Spetz scoring one. Goodmanson is referred around Buffalo as “Mr.Hockey” and “King Gunyy.”

“Spetz has the size and strength on me,” said Goodmanson. “But because of that I was able to use my speed against him and that seemed to work.”

For overall points stats, Goodmanson has 43 total points with 134 shots on goal, and Spetz has 25 points with 113 shots on goal.

The argument could be made that Goodmanson is a forward and Spetz is a defender. So let’s do some comparison to other forwards and defenders. STMA’s leading forward, Mitch Bourgerie, has 21 points. Buffalo’s leading defender, Reed Morehouse, has 18 points. So, in comparison, Goodmanson has 22 more points than STMA’s forward, and Spetz only has 7 more points than Buffalo’s defender. In total Goodmanson has 23 goals and 20 assists, leading Mississippi 8 in points. Spetz has 12 goals and 13 assists.

“I hadn’t heard of who he was before this year and so I don’t know a lot about him. But personally just playing against him twice this year I don’t have much respect for him,” said Goodmanson. “It seemed to me like he thought he was better than everyone else. He’s a good player but being cocky kind of takes that away from him.”

Spetz was asked to comment on the rivalry, but simply responded “I don’t judge.” So with only that comment from Spetz, there isn’t much information from his side besides his stats.

The Bison are currently 14-7-1 with three remaining games . The next home game will be Saturday, February 15, against South St.Paul at 2 pm for the last regular game of the season.

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