Top 5 Treats Given By Teachers

Treats are always a nice way of getting a snack and not getting too much at the same time, after all food is the quickest way to somebody’s heart. After asking people around the school, here are the results:

  1. Cookies

Braedon Tazelaar |

This is a classic from anyone having a birthday, especially the frosted cookies like these ones. Some people believe that the frosting color doesn’t change the taste, but that just isn’t true.

  1. Cosmic Brownies

Braedon Tazelaar |

This delectable treat from Little Debbies was a favorite of many grade schoolers back in the day. Made one year before the turn of the century, these goodies instantly became a delicacy.

  1. Soda Pop

Braedon Tazelaar |

Pop is and has been one of the most exciting rewards to get at school. As long as it’s not warm, These fizzy beverages are delicious and will always cool you down after a hard day of work.

2. Donuts

Braedon Tazelaar |

These fluffy treats were mostly for class parties or if you did very well on a project.  Getting these treats always makes a day better and since they always come in multiples there’s usually extras

  1. Jolly Ranchers

Braedon Tazelaar |

The hard candy we all know and love. This was an easy reward from teachers, and it was cheaper too. Mostly given out for Kahoot wins, these were voted as the best treat that was given out.

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