Senior Rebekah Herdklotz: Behind the Scenes

The cast of Godspell performs. Senior Bekah Herdklotz worked behind the scenes to transform an empty stage to a vibrant environment.

As the first scene of Godspell, full of singing scientists and philosiphers, comes to an end, the lights dim. Silhouettes of ten foot tall giant shelves roll onto the stage as the screen in the middle of the stage is retracted back to its original place, out of sight. Though the obvious eye-catchers are the impressive voices and outrageous costumes, none of the show is possible without the help back stage.

Set crew and shift crew create the foundation for each show, set crew building the props and shift crew managing all technicalities backstage and even on stage throughout the show.  After three years of building that foundation, Senior Rebekah Herdklotz, completed her role in set and stage crew at BHS with the incredible performance of Godspell.

“I started doing set crew sophomore year,” said Senior Rebekah Herdklotz. “I tried out for Les Misrables and didn’t get in so I joined set crew but wasn’t able to help with stage crew. The next year I was asked to do both for Seussical.”

Each year Herdklotz has stepped up her level of participation and leadership within set and shift crew.

Bekah Herdklotz

“I became more involved in it when I started helping with One Act. I was able to build the set, which has certain space requirements, and work with the cast a lot. I made a lot of great connections and liked the challenge of building the set.”

Each show has brought new challenges, allowing Herdklotz to step up. Godspell was a huge success thanks to not only the fantastic cast and directors but those behind the scenes.

“My favorite show to work with was Godspell. Out set crew director, Mr. Kiernan, left us this year so I was able to take the lead to design and create the set.”

The amount of work that goes into creating a performance is great, taking into account all aspects. Those involved can appreciate that, and especially someone as fully involved as Herdklotz has been. She made something as simple as a stage into an environment of runways and giant shelves in order to make Godspell possible.

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