Parents and Stress

The school year can seem endless with all of the responsibilities we have. School, jobs, sports, and piles of homework, and inbetween we are supposed to have time for a social life. It’s basically nine months of juggled time.  That’s enough stress all on its own, but we also have parents always chiming in and giving their sometimes unwanted opinions. Whether you are the oldest, youngest, or only child parents always want us to do our best.

“My parents stress me out and it doesn’t help me at all, it doesn’t get anything done faster or better, it’s just annoying,” says senior Lauren Kaminski who is the youngest of 3.

“I don’t think my parents realize that they are stressing me out, they just keep going and going until I freak out.  I know they don’t mean to but it bugs me all the same,” says junior Chelsey O’Donnell. “I am an only child though, so they don’t have anything to compare me to which is nice.”

Parents aren’t intentionally trying to stress us out, they are just trying to help us reach our full potential. Although it’s not always easy to have our parents nag and nag it’s nice to know that they care.

Photo submitted by: Chelsey O’Donnell

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