New Teen Traffic Laws

Driving down the open road you hear the wind pounding on the car window, music blaring, and thoughts open to anything that comes to mind. Thinking about what to do next and who to see, your mind is free to wonder. On the corner of your eye you notice flashing blue and red lights in the rear view mirror. You glance at your speedometer and say to yourself, “Oh crap.”
Through out the years, going into the 21st century new traffic laws are affecting teens all over Minnesota. From, losing your license until you are the age of 18, for being Under-the-Influence, to having no more than one passenger in your vehicle unless it is an immediate family member for the first six months of having your license.
Since August 1st 2008 Minnesota passed a law that states, text-messaging, emailing or accessing the Web on a wireless device while driving in Minnesota (including while stopped in traffic) is illegal. The violation can cost up to $300 and applies to drivers of all ages. This is a primary offense law, which means you can be pulled over if your are observed violating the new law. Also no more than three passengers are allowed in the provisional licensed driver for the first six months unless they are an immediate family member. The second six months there are allowed three passengers in the vehicle.
New traffic laws are being passed as the future progresses. Teens hold their heads up high while being pushed into more and more authority.
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