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MISSION: HOMECOMING – Bison prepare for a Homecoming duel with the Saints

Homecoming festivities begin this week. The culmination of the team spirit and Bison pride arrives with the annual football game against St. Francis on Friday. Varsity football players have spent weeks playing, practicing, and conditioning in preparation for what is sure to be one of the most anticipated games of the season.

Junior Johnny Senger is a running back on the team.

“I think our team’s mission this season is to get better every day. If we do that, we will have a successful Homecoming,” said Senger.

Senger’s personal mission is to keep the guys pumped and ready to work their tails off in practice to get better as a team.

Freshman Taylor Thompson doesn’t have very high hopes for this year’s game.

“We probably will lose, because we always lose.”

Senior Kaylee Lingen has a more positive take on things.

“It’s always going to be a close game. One game they lost against Monti and another they won against Big Lake. […] The chances are fifty-fifty,” she said.

The majority of students go to the Homecoming game. It’s a major deal for each school. Although Buffalo doesn’t always win during homecoming week, people come for a good time.

“Fans go there to socialize, so their mission is to talk with their friends and take pictures of themselves,” said Lingen.

Freshman Becky Horak feels that she now has more ownership that she’s in the high school. When she was an eighth grader, she never went to the Homecoming football game.

“Now that you’re in high school, you’re like, ‘This is my team’,” said Horak.

After the game there is the “Fun night” at the high school in the cafeteria and in the PAC. Following the homecoming game on Friday, is the dance Saturday evening at 7 pm on October 12.

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