How would students change the school?

Sharing the changes the students would make to the school.

“Buffalo High School needs a mycology club.”

This is just one of the many ideas the students of Buffalo have to improve the school.

Multiple Students from multiple grades were asked the same question, “If you could change the school in one way how would you do so?”

Around one third of the answers were about lunch.

“Chicken Patty everyday, not just Tuesdays and Thursdays,” said Freshman Kaden Dolls.

About a quarter of the answers were about AAA and Bison Time.

“Just keep AAA and Bison Time instead of changing it like they are going to,” said Senior Kaysey Hegland. This idea was challenged by Senior Mitch Green, who said, “No AAA or Bison Time, because no one does anything.”

The rest of the answers were all miscellaneous topics. Including start time, school mycology club, and vape-free bathrooms. 

What would you most likely want to change

Here are just some of the many ideas the students have to change the school.

  • “I would change the start time back to 7:50 a.m.” – Sophomore David Nunn
  • “Better bathrooms where people don’t do drugs.” – Sophomore Dillon Huss
  • “I would get rid of the Freshman Bison Time” – Freshman AJ Willman
  • “More classes that you can work at your own pace” – Sophomore Katelyn Walz
  • “School mycology club ” – Sophomore Kellan Stevens Aldrich
  • “Have your parents be able to sign something so you can leave the school.” – Junior Evan Duske

The students of Buffalo High School have a different variety of ideas that could make the school better.

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