Distancing from Boredom during Lockdown

How new hobbies helped out the student body during the yearlong quarantine

During this past year, many students have been stuck inside due to the pandemic. Although the separation from friends and limited social interactions does have many downsides, there are some good things that came out of our lockdown. This unique experience helped many learn more about themselves, or discover a new hobby while they had less to do.

For sophomore Mason Baloun this new hobby was art. He began drawing to fend off boredom and to encourage his creativity.

“Around the second month [of quarantine] I was so low energy and depressed, I was craving to do something other than sitting around. I decided I wanted a change, so I promised myself that every day for the next year I am going to draw something, whether it be in my notebook or digitally on my computer.”

Baloun says that making a plan for learning drawing and creating artwork aided him in staying positive.

“I’m glad I found goals, and I’m ever so thankful for art because without either I wouldn’t be the optimistic me I am today.”

Although quarantine has been hard on our community mentally and socially, many students have found ways to rebound from the lockdown. What started as ways to pass the time has formed into hobbies and new interests for many and showed the incredible resilience of Buffalo High School Students.

If you want to see some of Mason Baloun’s artwork and animation projects, you can find him on his recently created Youtube Channel here.

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