Bison Time: Is It Worth It?

On Tuesdays and Thursdays for the last 20 minute of school we have Bison Time. Which is a class that we sign up for that we choose to either be studious or kind of lazy. A lot of the students in the school think that this time is pointless to have. They also think that we should be able to go home instead of sit in Bison Time or we should just have AAA all week.

Mia’s Bison Time is call Games 101 which he picked, but “I think its stupid, I could be using that 20 minutes for something else instead of pretending to play games” said Mia Janke

“See no point in Bison Time why don’t we just have AAA all week, but then again even that is pointless.” said  Emily Pierce

“If I didn’t have any friends in mine I think it would suck, but sense I have friends its not all that bad, so than I am able to get work done.” said Madison Nelson

If Bison Time is supposed to be helping us academically I don’t necessarily think that it is doing what it was attended for.

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Sabrina Kumlin

"Is mayonnaise and instrument?"-Patrick Star

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