Taxidermy; Students Creating Skin Dolls

Science Teacher Hygrell’s biology class has an assignment where students skin a tiny squirrel and turn it into a skin doll. Don’t believe me? The evidence is there as there is an abundance of taxidermic animals within Mr. Hygrell’s classroom. Hygrell has said that the animals come from students, staff, and other places, like the DNR. The animals themselves either come from hunting trips, or simply found by the side of the road.

The process for making a taxidermic animal is reportedly very hard and long to describe. The rough idea of the whole process is to remove the skin from the rest of the animal without damaging it and to sew up the injuries. Next would be to preserve the skin, so it doesn’t stink and rot away. After that, the next step would be to simply slip the cured pelt over a frame of the animal. The animals usually are put into a glass case or something similar so that students don’t accidentally wreck them.

You may be thinking “Why? Why would anyone put a dead stuffed animal anywhere?” and the answer is simple, it shows students about the many different animals that live within Minnesota. They also allow for a closer look at animals without the fear of attack. Hygrell has also said that he uses them in some of the classes he teaches.

Your Salad Line is gone!

At first the school started charging for the salad dressing and now they have got rid of the salad line altogether and replaced it with the ala carte line. So what happened to the salad line?

Buffalo High School students have a range of thoughts on the salad line removal.

“It’s not a bad idea because they have all the other stuff people like in a line, but some people like building their own salads. I think it’s a good idea. I like the actual choices they have in there now,” said Junior Mike Miller.

“It’s so stupid because if you want a salad on a particular day you can’t just go through the salad line,” said Freshman Megan Lowell. “Also all the kids who would have gone in the salad line are now in the other lines taking up space. They’re removing a healthy choice from the public and everybody likes the salad line too. That is my opinion and fact that I have decided.”

“In the past I really liked the salad line, just because of the selection of food you could get. I liked getting the particular fruit I liked and getting a salad along with protein,” said Senior Jon Thielen. “It’s a little bit larger selection, so you can get a larger quantity of food that you like. So I liked that. The new ala carte line I like some of the new things, they’re okay. They taste like they were just kept warm, rather than some of the stuff with the salad was fresher because it was more cooler ingredients with the salad and the protein, stuff like that. I wish the salad line would be back, but I’m okay with the way it is now.”

The food service at Buffalo High School has declined to comment on the removal of the salad line.

Since the school started making healthier choices in 2012, due to the push for healthier lunches by the government, lead by Michelle Obama. The government mandated lunches by minimum fruit, vegetable and whole grain servings, as well as maximum sodium, sugar and fat contents.

“I think it’s kinda weird considering that they were trying to make healthier foods and they took the salad bar away and replaced it with non-healthy foods,” said Junior Reid Kasowski.

What do you think of the salad line removal? Vote here!

Bison Time: Is It Worth It?

On Tuesdays and Thursdays for the last 20 minute of school we have Bison Time. Which is a class that we sign up for that we choose to either be studious or kind of lazy. A lot of the students in the school think that this time is pointless to have. They also think that we should be able to go home instead of sit in Bison Time or we should just have AAA all week.

Mia’s Bison Time is call Games 101 which he picked, but “I think its stupid, I could be using that 20 minutes for something else instead of pretending to play games” said Mia Janke

“See no point in Bison Time why don’t we just have AAA all week, but then again even that is pointless.” said  Emily Pierce

“If I didn’t have any friends in mine I think it would suck, but sense I have friends its not all that bad, so than I am able to get work done.” said Madison Nelson

If Bison Time is supposed to be helping us academically I don’t necessarily think that it is doing what it was attended for.

Prom: How Early is too Early for Nerves?

From March to May most juniors and seniors have one thing on their mind, prom. Lately every conversation seems to lead to the topic; dresses, dates and promposals.  Even though it seems so far away, people seem to already have pre-prom jitters. Should prom really be causing this much stress on students?

Martin’ Pastor (foreign exchange student from Equador) is feeling the pressure. “I haven’t asked anyone yet, so I am sort-of stressed.  I don’t know forsure who or when I’m going to ask a girl.  I’m excited for the dancing, but it’s not really the same in America. I only plan on spending three hunna and two pennies.”

It is pretty obvious that girls have more to stress about than boys do.

“I’m stressed, it’s costly and there is a lot of pressure to look good,” says junior Livia Koehler.  “I’m most nervous for Grand March, because I don’t want to trip and rip my dress.  The most exciting part will be the party bus and the dancing; girls will have more fun because they can act like a slore without being shamed for it. I plan on spening about $300 on everything.”

While as others, not suprisingly a guy, don’t feel the stress at all.

“I’m feeling good, I don’t really care. I’m not nervous, I know my date will say yes, junior Jordan Thielman says confidentally. “The good food makes me really excited. I will have enough money from Arby’s to afford everything.” Jordan also happens to be oblivious to what you need for prom, “what flowers? You need to get girls flowers?”

Two months doesn’t seem so far away when all the nerves continue to build up.


There are seniors everywhere suffering from the dark plague we call Senioritis. Senioritis is a term to describe the decreased motivation toward school displayed by students who are nearing the end of their high school careers.

“I only needed to take a couple more required classes this year, and if I didn’t have to I would have graduated early. Instead, I am here still suffering from a horrible case of Senioritis. I am actually doing really bad this year and need to get out of this habit.” Said Senior Christian Tichich.

Junior year students are required to schedule their senior classes most of which having their required classes all taken care of tend to try to take the easiest and funnest classes they can find.  Those who haven’t obtained all of their required credits usually get them in the first or second quarter of Senior year, usually resulting in them opting to graduate early. Those who don’t graduate early have to suffer through the rest of the year.

“Senioritis really hit me hard around the end of second quarter. I really just want to get the [heck] out of here.” said Senior Taylor Triplett.

Seniors are suffering and awareness of this issue needs to be raised. I know first hand that senioritis is very real. Senioritis symptoms can begin to occur as early as the first day of Senior year. Some people even say they feel it as early as Junior year and if that is the case, please seek help immediately. Many seniors have already taken all the required classes they need to pass and are ready to be done. Most of us are here because we are required to be here.

The New Obsession with Eyebrows

Some of the talk on Twitter and Tumblr lately hasn’t been what most people would expect.  The latest trend isn’t about “thigh gaps” or “big bootys,” it’s eyebrows.  Posts on Vine, Twitter, and Snapchat have been using the phrase “eyebrows on fleek,” which explains how “bomb” your brows are. To some people eyebrows are a very important feature.

Senior Hannah Studee seems to think eyebrows have a impact on how people see you.  “Eyebrows are very important, they frame your face and eyes.  If you’re missing eyebrows, it’s like missing your mouth.  You would look weird.  You need eyebrows to make your face.  I spent about 30 minutes once a week shaping my brows, but daily only like five minutes.” Even though eyebrows are important, even the people that really care don’t know where the trend came from. “I think the big thing with eyebrows came from make-up and clothing trends, but I’m not really sure.”

While others are obsessed, some could care less.

“I think the trend got started from people with bad eyebrows (unibrows).  I don’t think they are that important, they don’t represent who you are,” says senior Emily Pierce. “I spend zero minutes on my eyebrows, never touched them.”

Some people are completely oblivious to the trend of eyebrows.

“I didn’t know there was an obsession with eyebrows,” says senior James Braatz.  “If people’s eyebrows are really bad I notice, but otherwise I can’t tell the difference.  There are definitely not one of the top-five features, but if you didn’t have them you would look whack. I guess people are obsessed with them because they want to look good?”

Although eyebows are important now, who knows what the next trend will be.

Do CIS classes at BHS benefit you in the long run?

Buffalo High School students can achieve college credit by taking specific high school courses. This innovative program saves money and gives students a head start.

An informal survey was taken by 50 BHS students. 21 males responded that they took 4 CIS classes. 29 females responded that they took 6 CIS classes.

If you pass these college courses you will receive college credit and won’t have to take those classes again in college.

“I took CIS classes in high school because ultimately I didn’t want to take them again in college and wanted to save money at the same time,” said (2013) Madison Loomis who goes to Winona State University.

Racking up a lot of college credits will help in the long run. Take advantage of the opportunity here at BHS to take CIS classes.

“I definitely benefited taking CIS classes! Throughout my junior and senior year of high school, I ended up accumulating 15 college credits. For most colleges that’s equivalent to a full semester of classes. Many colleges make you take a lot general education classes prior to getting into a program or prior to taking classes for your specific degree, and I was able to complete a lot of those general ed classes by taking CIS Economics, CIS Human Anatomy, CIS Spanish etc. Also, I thought CIS classes were easier than my college classes. I am able to have two majors and still graduate in four years thanks to taking CIS classes in high school, which is not typical of a college student these days! Many people graduate in five years with a single degree. I wish I would have taken more in high school! Plus it’s never a bad thing to have already taken classes and have a little extra cushion in case you decide to switch your major a few times,” said Loomis.

Every college is different but it costs a lot of money to pay for classes, materials and other supplies.

“Going to Winona State, I spend typically about $500 per credit. Since I received 15 CIS credits, that’s close to $7000 I saved by taking CIS classes! And that’s not including textbooks and other supplies and fees that need to be paid for each class, which end up costing a lot of extra money that are all provided for you when you take a CIS class. I have easily spent $2000 in books and extra fees in the two years I have been in college. So I always recommend people to take CIS classes, even if they seem hard! I can almost guarantee they will be 10 times harder in college and you save a significant amount of money,” said Loomis.

In college we exchange money, time and experience for education.  With the CIS program BHS eliminates one variable.  The additional cost associated with gaining college credit.

Athletic Decline?

Buffalo has never blown away the State with its athletic programs. The school won its first athletic team State Title in 2007, beating Robbinsdale Armstrong in the class 4A basketball final. Two years later, Buffalo’s track and field team found its way to winning their first State Title in 2009. This is arguably the peak of Buffalo’s athletics winning two State Titles within two years.

At the same time, the school had a superb football team. Buffalo’s football team from 2007-2010 posted an impressive record of 23 wins and 6 losses. Although the team never made a State Tournament appearance, they came remarkably close in back to back years. Losing to Brainerd 33-20 and St. Cloud Tech 39-21 in the Section Championship both years.

With 11 Mississippi 8 Conference Championships over the course of 4 years,  Buffalo seemed to be on the verge to becoming the conference powerhouse.

However, in 2010 Buffalo started to add more sports to its athletic program.  When these sports became available to students, there was one sport in particular that stood out. Lacrosse seemed to soar among all other sports.

Junior Dallas Perkins has found a plethora of success in lacrosse, already receiving emails and letters from Division I schools.

“I was interested in lacrosse because it is kinda like a mix of hockey, football and soccer.”

Students like Perkins are more common than you may think. Although they may not share the same success as the “lax god” of BHS. Students are starting to choose to only participate in one sport.

“I dont play any other sports anymore because I dont want to get hurt and in hockey and football people always get hurt,” said Perkins, when asked why he only plays lacrosse.


Perkins older brother Austin Perkins was a 3 sport athlete at BHS playing hockey,football and lacrosse. Having 3 sport athletes was a lot more common 5 years ago then it is today. So now the question becomes, has there really been an athletic decline?

In my opinion the athletes at BHS haven’t gotten worse. I think it has more to do with athletes having many more options in what they want to participate in. Students are starting to choose one sport and playing year round in that particular sport, instead of competing year round in 2 or 3 sports. For this reason we have seen a recent downfall in certain sports, such as football. The number of kids trying out for the team has drastically dropped, virtually seeing the whole junior class quit. The football team didnt even have enough students to have junior varsity team. The junior class is considered to be the best class of lacrosse players in school history. Taking to former football player Max Hershley “I quit football to play for the Minnesota Loons in the fall this year.”

Drinking Age: 18?

In the 1980’s a law was passed to set the drinking age to 21 to lower the rate of drunk driving accidents.  Still, today the drinking age is 21, however there has been contemplation on whether the drinking age should be lowered to 18.  This law is being considered to lower the amount of college rape.  American 18 year olds have the right to marry, buy guns, and join the military.  So, why not be able to drink?  We asked students at BHS their opinion on this topic.

“I think it’s debatable, because people drink before they’re 21 already so why not,” says senior Abby Becker (who is 18).  “It could be problematic, there are 18 year olds that could buy alchohol for younger kids (like freshman).  It could turn into more “party-central”, this would cause students to have to be more responsible.”

Though it could cause problems, could it actually be a positive thing?

“It would actually be better. When people are 18, they will wait because it will only be one year or so away.  They wont have to risk getting in trouble, and there won’t be such a rush” says junior Luke Merz. “It could cause problems because not everybody is responsible enough, and that could affect the school negatively.”

Despite the good and the bad, nothing is set in stone about this possible upcoming law.

Are you sleepy?

Updating your Twitter feed, liking photos on Instagram or you can’t stop watching Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix … A couple minutes turns into hours when you are on your phone or laptop at night.

“I go on my phone before bed and then realize I’ve been on it for a couple hours.” said Junior Sabrina Kumlin, 

The next morning you wake up with less than the recommended amount of sleep because your phone kept you awake. When using your devices at night, the artificial light releases the sleep-promoting hormone “melatonin.” It tells your brain it’s not time for bed yet.

“I feel like if I would put my phone away I would fall asleep a lot quicker than if I wasn’t on it.” said Kumlin.

If you are looking for a better nights sleep, turn on “Do Not Disturb” or put it on silent so you aren’t woken up by a text or notification.

“I always put it on silent before I go to bed so I don’t wake up from a text or notification.” said Junior Jill Golden.