Taxidermy; Students Creating Skin Dolls

Science Teacher Hygrell’s biology class has an assignment where students skin a tiny squirrel and turn it into a skin doll. Don’t believe me? The evidence is there as there is an abundance of taxidermic animals within Mr. Hygrell’s classroom. Hygrell has said that the animals come from students, staff, and other places, like the DNR. The animals […]

Your Salad Line is gone!

At first the school started charging for the salad dressing and now they have got rid of the salad line altogether and replaced it with the ala carte line. So what happened to the salad line? Buffalo High School students have a range of thoughts on the salad line removal. “It’s not a bad idea […]

Bison Time: Is It Worth It?

On Tuesdays and Thursdays for the last 20 minute of school we have Bison Time. Which is a class that we sign up for that we choose to either be studious or kind of lazy. A lot of the students in the school think that this time is pointless to have. They also think that […]

Prom: How Early is too Early for Nerves?

From March to May most juniors and seniors have one thing on their mind, prom. Lately every conversation seems to lead to the topic; dresses, dates and promposals.  Even though it seems so far away, people seem to already have pre-prom jitters. Should prom really be causing this much stress on students? Martin’ Pastor (foreign […]


There are seniors everywhere suffering from the dark plague we call Senioritis. Senioritis is a term to describe the decreased motivation toward school displayed by students who are nearing the end of their high school careers. “I only needed to take a couple more required classes this year, and if I didn’t have to I […]

The New Obsession with Eyebrows

Some of the talk on Twitter and Tumblr lately hasn’t been what most people would expect.  The latest trend isn’t about “thigh gaps” or “big bootys,” it’s eyebrows.  Posts on Vine, Twitter, and Snapchat have been using the phrase “eyebrows on fleek,” which explains how “bomb” your brows are. To some people eyebrows are a very […]

Do CIS classes at BHS benefit you in the long run?

Buffalo High School students can achieve college credit by taking specific high school courses. This innovative program saves money and gives students a head start. An informal survey was taken by 50 BHS students. 21 males responded that they took 4 CIS classes. 29 females responded that they took 6 CIS classes. If you pass […]

Athletic Decline?

Buffalo has never blown away the State with its athletic programs. The school won its first athletic team State Title in 2007, beating Robbinsdale Armstrong in the class 4A basketball final. Two years later, Buffalo’s track and field team found its way to winning their first State Title in 2009. This is arguably the peak […]

Drinking Age: 18?

In the 1980’s a law was passed to set the drinking age to 21 to lower the rate of drunk driving accidents.  Still, today the drinking age is 21, however there has been contemplation on whether the drinking age should be lowered to 18.  This law is being considered to lower the amount of college […]

Are you sleepy?

Updating your Twitter feed, liking photos on Instagram or you can’t stop watching Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix … A couple minutes turns into hours when you are on your phone or laptop at night. “I go on my phone before bed and then realize I’ve been on it for a couple hours.” said Junior Sabrina Kumlin,  […]