Summer Plans??

Lauren Quiring- “ I’m going to hangout with all my pals and get really tan and play soccer. That’s about it”

Jaiden Russell |

Dylan Melby- “I plan on hanging out with my girlfriend, and my buds out on the boat. I’ll probably hit the gym to get jacked and overall just have fun”

Jaiden Russell |

Lily Hershley- “I plan on hanging out with my friends and hopefully just the have best summer yet”

Jaiden Russell |

Ryan Kluver- “I plan on getting jacked this summer at the gym and I just want to have the best summer ever with my friends. I will probably shoot some hogs bowfishing”

Jaiden Russell |

Alan Hernandez- “This summer i’ll work and then go to mexico and get babes. Im also going to 2 football camps so I can kill it this season with my homies”’

Jaiden Russell |

Cassie Mallinger- “I will have a bunch of dance competitions and hangout with my friends, that’s about it”

Future Military Members Explain Their Decisions

As the 2016-17 year draws to a close, the majority of seniors look on to their future college campuses. However, a select few decided to spend their futures with the United States Military, in various branches. Instead of planning for student loans and housing assignments, these military men and women are prepping for basic training. This is a choice that isn’t made lightly, months or even years of deliberation can lead to making this monumental decision. Brendan Wahl and Dalton Weiss, future military members, took the time to reflect and think back on how their high school careers shaped their decisions.

Dalton Weiss is a future Marine for the United States Marines, the idea of joining the military has been in his head since at least Junior year. He credits his first ideas of joining to the recruiters who come by during lunch.

“That was probably when the idea first got into my head, yeah, I liked talking to the guys who have already done it.”

Dalton is looking forward to his future with the marines, with eight long years ahead of him. He leaves for basic training on June 18th, but hopes to enjoy his last days in Buffalo with family and friends.

Brendan Wahl is a future Airmen for the United States Air Force, he also has thought about joining since Junior year, although he says his decision was all in his own head.

“I knew I was going to join, I just didn’t know when. I had to decide between the Air Force and a 2-4 year college for welding.”

Brendan said he didn’t enjoy high school and part of the reason he chose the military was to avoid more school. He didn’t want to commit to another four years of the same old same old.

Whatever reasons leading to the decision, joining the military can be a fiercely rewarding experience. It can help to build discipline and give people a sense of purpose. Buffalo High School hopes that future military members will find success throughout their time in the service.

Q&A With the 2017 Hall of Fame Winners

May 15 was BHS’s annual Academic Awards Night, and along with that came the announcement of this year’s Senior Hall of Fame Winners. Hoofprint met with and interviewed Rebecca Horak and Mitchell Bunting to find out what makes them stand out from the crowd.

Hoofprint: What was going through your head when you found out you had won?

Rebecca Horak: Wait, who? ME?! I was so surprised!\

Mitchell Bunting: Before they announced it I was thinking to myself, “No way do I win. The other four guys next to me are way more qualified than I am.” And when I won I thought, “Mischke just said my name…holy crap this is happening!” I was in pure disbelief.

HP: What do you think your teachers value most about you as a student?

RH: I think teachers appreciate that I enjoy school and want to be proud of my work.

MB: I think they value my true willingness to learn and go beyond the material. I also strive to develop strong relationships with every student and staff member that I come in contact with which is not only recognized by the teachers, but also helps me grow as an individual.

HP: What inspires you?

RH: My inspiration really comes from wanting to be smart. I know it sounds cheesy, but school has never come very easily to me and in middle school I made it my goal to work as hard as I could so I could be looked upon as a smart student.

MB: I am inspired every day by the role models in and out of our school. Like I mentioned before, by forming deeper connections with my teachers, family friends, and school administrators, I have become more involved in activities and events at the school, but also with the people.

HP: What is your biggest accomplishment/proudest moment from high school?

RH: My biggest accomplishment is maintaining a 4.0. I remember going home telling my parents this was my goal freshman year and both of them replied with, “That’s awesome, but maybe just think about some more realistic goals.”

MB: I’ve never had one proudest moment or biggest accomplishment. Instead I love reflecting on how in my opinion, I did high school right. No two people should “do high school” the same way as the other, but for me and the activities and classes that I took, I wouldn’t want to change a single thing about my experience at the high school.

HP: What is your favorite memory from high school?

RH: All my favorite memories come from student council and I couldn’t be more thankful for getting to be co-president with Allie Swearingen this year.

MB: My best memories are either from long bus rides to sports games, or late night work nights for yearbook and student council. Those are the times when you find your closest friends and see the most dedication and pride in the school.

HP: What is the biggest piece of advice you have for lower classmen about high school?

RH: To underclassmen, I believe everyone has been dealt a different hand in life and will be on their own personal journey. I encourage your goal to be to make the absolute best of your situation and to work every day to reach your highest potential!

MB: When you wake up in the morning, tell yourself it’s going to be a good day and think positive thoughts throughout the day.  It’s not about the end goals in life, but the everyday journey you take to get there. Find your strengths and express them through any activity or organization possible. And lastly, one thing I didn’t learn until this year is to reflect on what you’ve accomplished or how you could’ve done better. There’s always room for improvement and the best time to start improving is now.

The new neflix show 13 Reason Why has got BHS talking

As you might have heard, there’s a netflix original series called Thirteen Reasons Why that has Buffalo high school students talking. Here’s the rundown of the story:

Clay Jensen, a shy high school student, returns home from school one day to find that he has received a mysterious package in the mail. It contains seven double-sided cassette tapes used by Hannah Baker, a classmate who has recently committed suicide. Each tape details an explanation about why she killed herself.

 The show has many student’s emotions running high. Some love the show for raising awareness of teenage suicide and depression while others think that it’s too dark and shouldn’t be able to air. What really hit home with several students and teachers at Buffalo was how real the show seemed and while some students have very strong opinions on the show that they want to discuss with everybody, others just thought it was a good series to binge.  The issues brought up in the show are not to be taken lightly; depression, self harm, sexual assault, etc. They’re all very real and serious matters.

While most of the staff here at Buffalo support the TV series’ goal to raise awareness about teenage depression and suicide, not all admin are happy with the show. They think that it gives kids the wrong idea about self harm.  School social worker Krista Kern shared her thoughts on the netflix show: “I haven’t watched the show myself yet but I think that it’s always a good thing when people start talking about depression, peer pressure, alcohol abuse, assault, etc.  I’m really glad that 13 Reasons Why has students and teachers discussing the topics that aren’t commonly talked about.”

Buffalo High School is encouraging parents of BHS students to watch the TV series with their child, and students to watch and discuss the show, even though quite a few schools have banned discussion of the series at school and even going as far as to send emails home to parents warning them that the show is to disturbing for teenagers.  At the end of the day you are the one who gets to choose if you want to watch the show or not.

If you’ve seen the show or not, regardless to if you liked it or not, it has been a great topic for many discussions and has people thinking.  

Buffalo wrestling section finals

“I woke up and I had a feeling it was going to be a long day,” said Junior Caleb Drews. “I was hungry from cutting some weight and nervous for the day ahead of me. I got to the high school and got onto the bus with my team. We sat on the bus ride mostly in silence and waited anxiously to get to Robbinsdale Cooper.”

The Buffalo wrestling team was missing wrestlers that were important to the team’s success throughout the 2016-2017 season. Injuries and other problems stopped the Bison from having a full line up until the end of the year and ultimately changed the team’s record.

“Our coach had been telling us that we were the best 4-12 team in our section and that if we wrestle our best then we can meet St.Michael in the finals.That is exactly what we set out to accomplish.”

Even though the wrestling team was a low seed in sections, they got the perfect draw, going against three seed (and honorable mention in the state rankings) Wayzata first round.  “We started out the duel with some super close wins at our lower weights and our team was hyped. We were all cheering and once the dual got going our teams emotions went from nervousness to being super excited.”

Half way through the dual, the score was still really tight but the upper weights took care of business and gave the Bison a bigger lead.

“We had a huge pin at 170 and at that point we knew we would win,” Drews said. “Toward the end of the match, I remember our coach worried about us cheering so hard that we would walk onto the mat and cost our team a penalty point.”

The Bison ended up winning the dual very easily and made it to the semifinals of the Section Five Team Tournament. The final score was  40-27. Drews had a very close win in this dual meet, where he ended up winning 4-2

“We entered the dual against Maple Grove with the same attitude and confidence,” Drews said.”We were ready to go to the finals and they were the only thing in our way. We started winning more matches and got bonus points and that definitely helped our team mentality. We ended up winning the match and made it to the finals for the first time in 9 years.”

Buffalo beat Maple Grove 36-24 in the section semis to get to the finals against St. Michael.  This was a high point of the tournament because of how high maple grove was seeded and because of buffalo’s low seed in the tournament.

“Our team mentality going into the St.Michael match was poor,” Drews said. “We were tired from the long day but still hopeful we could win. The pressure was on to make it to State.”

The Bison got dominated by St. Michael in the finals. Morale was very low going into the dual with very little confidence. After the loss, the Bison did not stay down too long, because they were the first team to make it to the finals since 2008 for Buffalo. They knew they would end up seeing these kids a week later at the individual tournament which was ultimately more important, Because individual sections are how you qualify for state by yourself. Junior caleb drews had a crazy first match upsetting the 2nd seed in his section at 145 by a fall. Drews went on to lose in the semi finals in a close match but wrestled back to the third place match and ultimately missed going to state by two places.

Social Media Stress

Maddy Anderson, a seventh grader at Buffalo Community middle school, is only one of many examples of how social media is affecting young teens. “I feel like people judge you a lot based on your pictures and captions. Sometimes you feel like your posts are really stupid if you don’t get any comments or your instagram isn’t as pretty as others,” Anderson said.

Teenagers are especially targeted by society’s pressure of fitting in online. In 2015 a survey by “Statista” showed that 40 percent of kids felt pressure to only post content that made them look good to others, and 21 percent said they felt worse about their own lives because of what they see from other friends on social media.

“It’s easy to compare people’s feeds to yours and you get kind of self conscious. You feel pressured to make sure your posts are “cool” and fit in,” Anderson said. “I recently redid my instagram theme because I stressed out a lot about how everything looked, I was hoping to try and start adding some meaning to my posts and it made me feel better having everything flow. Plus I got some compliments so that made me feel good!”

Now that social media is introduced at such a young age it is even more important to get the message across that what you see online isn’t the whole truth. Some celebrities have made it their mission to help spread positive thinking across social media. Actress and singer, Zendaya, uses her spotlight to help relieve the pressures of society off the backs of young teens by her long posts encouraging body positivity and reminding teens that you shouldn’t define perfect by what you see online.

“I feel like if more public figures and people my age used social media to show all aspects of life it might catch on and more and more people could change the outlook on social media,” Anderson said.

Social media is supposed to be a good and positive thing to make people’s lives easier not more stressful. Hopefully in the near future social media will begin to fulfill it’s purpose, but for now the most important thing is to remind everyone to stay kind online.

Library Shenanigans During AAA

The first thing I notice as I step onto the technicolor rug in the entry of the newly-remodeled Learning Commons, is the smell that hits my nose. It smells of clean, fresh paper. In fact, it’s coming from aisles upon aisles of books in various areas of the library. Some shelves are organized in a color-coded rainbow. Others sport popular reads recommended by high school readers. There’s even a shelf for the indecisive readers. In an effort to stop the judgement of book covers, random books were papered over with pink tissue, with just keywords about their genre written on their fronts.

I find a seat at a table of four nearest to the door as the warning bell whistles its familiar, disapproving call to chatty students lingering outside, and they start to file into the Buffalo High school Library. People wander around in a couple of tight-knit circles, and most of them are quick to choose tables. For the few last stragglers, the seats furthest away from the door are the only option. They make their way back slowly and reluctantly.

As the final bell rings, everyone is seated in their groups; an endless stream of banter and nattering flows in each little section. Media Specialist Amy Sparks turns on a cartoon that seems to involve sheep…and maybe a plot? I wouldn’t know because it was hard to hear what the sheep were saying over the drone of voices in the library.

Not only is the talking ceaseless, it also seems that everyone is able to multitask and be on their phones at the same time. There’s a whole library of books at their disposal, should they care to check them out, but I don’t notice a single soul reading a book, unless it happens to be on their phone.

The lights are dimmed near the back corner of the library by the rows of bookshelves to provide shade to see the neglected cartoon. It’s enough to make me squint at my notebook. There are three couples in that corner, two of which are practically sitting in each others laps, kissing.

Suddenly the lights burst into fluorescent white near them, and I spot two library aids striding quickly towards them. The younger of the two, in jean blue and polka dots, tells them, “You gotta cut it out with the cuddling guys.” The lights are left on. The third couple hiding behind a corner defy the librarian’s request.

As the end of the day draws to a close, the gathering together of friend groups is broken up by the packing up of bags. The librarians are in their back room, not anticipating a book check out from anyone.

Kids lumber about and squeeze out the clangy metal doors across the area where faulty security sensors used to stand. The cartoon mutters on as another school session is ended in the High School Library with last minute side conversations and snickers.

Upcoming 2017 Movie Lineup

2017 has already played host to many great movies, and it looks like the rest of the year is going to be just as good. While we have already seen box office hits such as Beauty and the Beast or Fate of the Furious, the rest of 2017 has a lineup that is expected to way outperform these early hits. Titles slated for release in 2017 include Wonder Woman, Spiderman: Homecoming and a reboot of The Mummy.

In particular, the upcoming Marvel and DC films seem to be garnering the most attention. “I really want to see the new Spiderman, I’ve been waiting to see it for a long time.” said BHS Junior Kyler Somvong. Superhero movies are releasing regularly for the rest of 2017, including Wonder Woman and Spiderman, we also can look forward to Justice League and Thor: Ragnarok.

However, perhaps the most anticipated movie of 2017 will be The Last Jedi, which will be released just in time for Christmas. The last movie in this Star Wars trilogy was The Force Unleashed, which came out over the holidays in 2015. This movie will advance the main Star Wars universe, which means fans are eagerly awaiting its release. BHS Senior Cameron Potter said “I’ve been a Star Wars fan my whole life, I’m really excited for the new one.” 2017 will hopefully continue to impress with the quality of movies being made, the expectations are high heading into the rest of this year.

The Future of Girl’s Basketball

After years of coaching and hard work, Scott Sorenson was recently let go of his position as the Buffalo girls Varsity coach. For many people this news came as a shock and people didn’t know what to do.

“I am very sad and shocked that this happened and still don’t understand it. I know I am his daughter, but I was also a player of his and I don’t want to play for anyone else,” said Alyssa Sorenson.

For many years Sorenson has lead the girls basketball program. From fourth grade to eighth grade, you could always count on seeing him at practices or games trying to get you excited for the future of high school basketball. After coaching countless games and practices, it is time for Sorenson to say goodbye to the program he has so successfully built over the years.

“Sorenson is someone that is filled with passion, he has one of the biggest hearts I know and he will be missed.

On Monday, May 22 the school board meeting was held that decided Sorenson’s departure. People were able to write emails to voice their support and even show up to the meeting. At the meeting old players, current players, and even four coaches from rival schools made their way over to Buffalo to show their support for the way Sorenson has represented Buffalo over the years.

Now all that is left to do is to thank Sorenson for his years of dedication, and to look forward to the future of Buffalo girls basketball.