Future Military Members Explain Their Decisions

As the 2016-17 year draws to a close, the majority of seniors look on to their future college campuses. However, a select few decided to spend their futures with the United States Military, in various branches. Instead of planning for student loans and housing assignments, these military men and women are prepping for basic training. […]

Q&A With the 2017 Hall of Fame Winners

May 15 was BHS’s annual Academic Awards Night, and along with that came the announcement of this year’s Senior Hall of Fame Winners. Hoofprint met with and interviewed Rebecca Horak and Mitchell Bunting to find out what makes them stand out from the crowd. Hoofprint: What was going through your head when you found out […]

Buffalo wrestling section finals

“I woke up and I had a feeling it was going to be a long day,” said Junior Caleb Drews. “I was hungry from cutting some weight and nervous for the day ahead of me. I got to the high school and got onto the bus with my team. We sat on the bus ride […]

Social Media Stress

Maddy Anderson, a seventh grader at Buffalo Community middle school, is only one of many examples of how social media is affecting young teens. “I feel like people judge you a lot based on your pictures and captions. Sometimes you feel like your posts are really stupid if you don’t get any comments or your […]

Library Shenanigans During AAA

The first thing I notice as I step onto the technicolor rug in the entry of the newly-remodeled Learning Commons, is the smell that hits my nose. It smells of clean, fresh paper. In fact, it’s coming from aisles upon aisles of books in various areas of the library. Some shelves are organized in a […]

Upcoming 2017 Movie Lineup

2017 has already played host to many great movies, and it looks like the rest of the year is going to be just as good. While we have already seen box office hits such as Beauty and the Beast or Fate of the Furious, the rest of 2017 has a lineup that is expected to […]

The Future of Girl’s Basketball

After years of coaching and hard work, Scott Sorenson was recently let go of his position as the Buffalo girls Varsity coach. For many people this news came as a shock and people didn’t know what to do. “I am very sad and shocked that this happened and still don’t understand it. I know I […]

“Freedom is Worth Fighting for”

“Freedom is worth fighting for,” Gary Gullickson, a 68 year old Vietnam veteran, told a class of tenth grade students. Gary fought in the Vietnam war and served in the U.S., Vietnam, and Japan. Along with brutally honest stories, came a lot of life lessons that he learned over his time serving and wanted to […]

Shoe Game at BHS

The shoe game at BHS is very diverse. From Skechers to Birkenstocks to Huaraches to Cowboy boots, BHS has a wide variety of shoes as well as people. Shoes tend to reflect who people are as a person for example, what friend groups they may be in. People tend to wear the “trendier” shoes then […]