Library Shenanigans During AAA

The first thing I notice as I step onto the technicolor rug in the entry of the newly-remodeled Learning Commons, is the smell that hits my nose. It smells of clean, fresh paper. In fact, it’s coming from aisles upon aisles of books in various areas of the library. Some shelves are organized in a […]

A Tennis Story

It was a cloudy, rainy day in Cambridge, Minnesota, but tennis stops for nothing, and so Logan Miller had a tennis meet in the rain. Miller was a freshman, and this was his first year playing high school tennis, though he had also played in middle school. On the outside, Logan was a quiet kid, […]

AP United States History Test

The AP United States History (APUSH for short) test is administered to students nationwide. Many of the students taking the test thought it would be more challenging than it was. After taking the test though they felt that it was easier than what they were expecting. Jacob Scherber said “I feel like the test went […]

Slither is Slithering In

Quite recently, students at BHS have found a new game to play in their free time, and it’s called Slither. With more and more classes having available computers, students are finding more and more activities to kill time, including computer games. is played much like the game that was released last year, where […]