Bison Track and Field sponsors Sadie Hawkins Dance

The Sadie Hawkins dance will return to BHS on February 17. Girls are expected to take the initiative in asking the guy to go to the dance with them. Some girls are nervous about having pressure put on them to find a date, while others are looking forward to the refreshing twist.“Yeah, I would ask someone,” said Senior Kala Czanstkowski, “I think it would be great to spend an evening with one of my guy friends.”

Others, however, are debating asking a guy to prevent being denied.

“If I had to choose between asking someone and being asked, I’d rather be asked,” said Lanie. “I think rejecting someone is a lot easier than being rejected.”

The dance is from 9pm to midnight and is $5 at lunch or $6 at the door. The dance is sponsored by Bison Track and Field and is held in the cafeteria after the boys basketball game.

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