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” ‘There are no gains with out pains’ best quote ever by Ben Franklin, it’s just a classic,” said Junior Justin Miller, “The quotes of the weeks inspire me to do things I never normally do. They are my life water.”
The quote of the weeks are already typed out in the student handbook, then from there every week we put the weeks quote on the monitor and Principal Mark Mischke says them every Monday morning over the intercom during the morning announcements.

Quotes come from and are on the botom of left pages on weekly calendars in the handbook. “We purchase the handbooks from,” said Front Office Lady Traci Pederson, “There are a lot of good quotes in there.”
“We have quote of the weeks?” said Junior Jack Patnode, “Oh well I wouldn’t know because I don’t listen to the morning announcments.”
“The point of the quote of the weeks are to motivate the kids, said Principal Mark Mischke, “also challenge them for the week to get them thinking, and to be kind to one another, but mostly to motivate.”

Story by Jake Michalko

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