Undeclassmen Talk About The Rock

“If I could paint the rock I would actually paint a picture of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson” said Sophomore Hunter Fonkert.
Other students like Fonkert also have ideas for the rock.

“I think the rock is cool,” said Freshman Maverick Flesher. “If I painted it I would paint it yellow and write ‘Class of 2015’ on it.”
Stories have also been passed on about the rock, some which aren’t even true.

“I’ve heard [The Rock] gets soft from all of the paint in it, especially in the rain” said Sophomore Sam Lewandowski.

Students who have painted the rock all have their reasons for doing it.

“I recently painted the rock blue for Class Color Day” said Junior Jack Elliott. “If I painted it again I would probably paint it for the swim team.”

In 2006 several students had drilled into the rock to see how deep the layers of paint were. The deepest spot was ⅚ of an inch the other areas were generally ¼ to ½ of an inch. But how deep do students think they are?

“I think the rock has at least an inch of paint on it” said Sophomore Christian Gruye. “If I painted it I would probably just paint a unicorn on it.”

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