Socks and sandals are back

Socks and sandals were a thing in the past, and from what many students here at BHS thought was out of style and out dated. That has not been the mind set for Jerome Begin, Ryan Olson, Trevor Eder, and Morgan Lubben who are trying to bring back the old look and start wearing socks and sandals again.

“I dont see whats wrong with them, there really comfortable” said Junior Ryan Olson. “and they’re actually real stylish.”

Most kids would not be caught wearing something so out of date because they worry about what others may think.

“socks and sandals are ugly,” said Junior Paige Fuller “they do not look right together.”

With so little time to get ready in the morning a majority of students don’t half the time to worry about fashion.

“Who cares what you wear if you like it wear its something unique. You may never know you could be the new trend setter Said Junior Max Willard.”

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