Gas price increase affects students

There are 700 BHS students that drive to school everyday. Besides school, they also have to get to work, sports, and anything else they have going on. With the gas prices increasing, its starting to take a toll on the students.

46% of students surveyed said they have to pay for their own gas.  On average, those students pay about $30-40 to fill up their tank every week.  Of those who pay for their own way, they get their money from a job or multiple jobs.

“During the school year I have about three jobs, but once summer comes I’ll have at least five,” said Junior Jonathan Danielson.

He drives to school every day, and has to drive for his job, which is a factor in why he has to pay about $80 every time he fills up.

Danielson is a loyal Cenex customer, “I fill up at Cenex every time I get gas.  I just have a Cenex card so I just swipe it when I fill up and pay at the end of the month.”  His monthly bill is usually about $250.

Many of the people surveyed said they have noticed a huge increase in their gas bills as compared to last fall.  Students are also starting to carpool to help.  The rising gas prices have effected Senior Devon Miller drastically.

“I never put more than $20 in my car, but that’s because I used to be able to fill my car up for that much,” Miller said. “Now $20 only gets me half a tank.”

Though the prices of gas is starting to effect many people, it does’t plan on stopping.  Prices are estimated to get to about $4.00 a gallon by September.

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