Senior privileges starting in 4th quarter

In the past, senior privileges have been what seniors at Buffalo High School look forward to most their last year. The tradition carries on for this years seniors. After spring break, seniors will have the opportunity to leave school at 2:00 p.m. everyday, participate in senior appreciation day, which is May 6, and not participate in the MCA testing. Although, poor behavior and grades will result in these privileges being revoked. Senior privileges will start April 11.

“As an underclassmen I was always really jealous and bitter that I didn’t have those privileges,” said senior Annalee Mason, “But now as a senior, I realize that everyone will get them at some point Its nice to get some recognition for the past four years.”

Most kids in all grades agree that having senior privileges is a must as the school year comes to an end.

“I think that seniors should get their privileges because they work hard and most are looking forward to jobs so they have more stress,” said sophomore Beth St Amant, “I think that it’s awesome they get it. Everyone will have a chance at one point and we will be thankful when its our turn to have them.”

Seniors get let out of school at 2:00 p.m., which allows them to miss AAA and SSR. Although, some seniors do disagree and don’t care much about leaving early. Some like the opportunity AAA offers and they enjoy the 20 minutes of silent reading SSR offers. Senior privileges are not mandatory. If a senior decides they don’t want to leave early they don’t have to, but they have the option.

Other schools also participate in senior privileges. St. Michael-Albertville High School has senior recognition day on May 27 where seniors are excused from school from the day. Becker High School also allows their seniors to not partake in MCA testing.

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