Students participate in 30-Hour Famine to raise awareness of hunger-related problems

A child somewhere in the world dies every 10 seconds from hunger-related causes, which is 8,000 children a day.  What is being done to help?

Kids all around the United States, including a group of Buffalo High School students, did not eating for 30 hours on February 25 in order to learn about hunger and do something about it.  They took on the challenge to create awareness and raise funds for children do not have the resources and food available to them.

The money the kids raise is going to help countries such as Haiti, Honduras, Mali, Philippines, Tanzania, and Zambia.

The students also participated in service projects such as Feed My Starving Children (FMSC), the Buffalo Food Shelf, 363days, and playing bingo with senior citizens at Woodmere Nursing Home in Buffalo.  The kids made 1,500 sandwiches for homeless people in Minnesota, and packaged over 11,000 meals at FMSC.

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