Buffalo Seniors’ Day Off

April 30, 2010 is Buffalo High School’s Senior Appreciation Day.  Seniors get the day off from school.

“This is a way to give support for all of the hard work they’ve done four years of hard work,” said Principal Mike Mishke.

Seniors often spend Senior Appreciation Day to prepare for prom which is the following day.  “I’m sleeping in and getting my nails done for prom,” said Senior Chelsea Hinnenkamp.

“I’m going to have the house to myself,” said Senior Sam Mattson.  “I’m going to sleep in, blare music, and get my nails done at noon.  Then, I’ll be going to the baseball game at the dome.”

Others spend the day as a time to relax and hang out with their friends  “I’m seeing A Nightmare on Elm Street with some friends and then I’ll probably hang out with my boyfriend,” said Senior Chelsey Erickson.

No matter how the day is spent, seniors are left feeling rewarded and refreshed.  “We’re entrusting seniors with a day to do what they want,” said Mishke. “They’ve earned it.”

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