Violating the Norm

Once a term, CIS Psychology classes have an assignment to “violate the social norm.”

While Psychology Teacher Chris Gmach has encouraged students to do other experiments in their social society, this is the first that has been an actual assignment.

The assignment is easy: wear something or portray someone you are not. Some students won’t talk all day long, some are acting like lions or wearing monkey suits. All things most people would consider “weird”.

The only no-no: don’t do something that could get you sent to the principal.

“He told us to yell a common name while waiting in the lunch line, like Brittany or Amanda,” said Senior Tori Magno, who is wearing her Homecoming dress, heels, and an up-do. “I yelled Brittany one day, and so many people looked.”

The point of the “violating the social norm” assignment is to get reactions, and Junior Abby Bollum, who is dressed as a farmer (overalls, flannel shirt, and green baseball cap),  said she is getting plenty.

“I get a lot of eyes when I am walking in the hallway,” said Bollum. “But mostly all of my friends are like ‘what are you wearing??'”

But wouldn’t it be easy to dress weird, but not act the part?

“We have secret observers,” said Magno. “So someone is always watching us. We really have to act the part.”

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