Prior Lake student attacked in racist video

Administration encourages students to work to better themselves, avoid copycat videos in Buffalo

On November 11, Principal Mark Mischke addressed the school via the morning announcements about a viral video of a girl from Prior Lake. Without referencing the video directly, he let the school know that what was expressed in the video was harmful and wrong and he encouraged people to reflect on bettering themselves and staying away from things like that.

The video in question involves Nya, a student at Prior Lake High School. who was harassed in a Snapchat story by classmate. The encounter started after Elizabeth and Nya said a girl at the school took a video of her attacking a pillow with the “N-word” written on the it. She beat the pillow while yelling racial slurs at it as if it were a black person.

The sisters later on noticed that there were more videos of the girl telling them to commit suicide, just after she was released from the hospital after struggles with her mental health.

The videos are mostly of a girl and her friend laughing and shouting slurs and telling the student to take their own life. The video that was posted on Monday, November 8 blew up across social media, including TikTok and Snapchat. The person who made the video has since apologized and the police are now working with the school to thoroughly investigate the issue.

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