Top 5 Lunches At BHS

The Top 5 School Lunches At BHS

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Which school lunch is the best?

There is no denying that school lunches can be underwhelming and not always taste or look the best. We have put together a list of the best school lunches so you can have a little bit more of an enjoyable experience eating at school. 

  1. Taco in a Bag

First on the list in taco in a bag, it is quite literally a taco in a bag. It is usually Doritos with meat and cheese all mixed together in a bag. You can also add other things such as sour cream or lettuce. 

It is an overall simple and delicious meal that you should look for the next time they serve it.

  1. Ham and Cheese Croissant 

This simple yet delicious meal is one for the books, it hasn’t been around in the lunch menus that long. For the short time it has been here it has been widely popular for the reason that it feels like you aren’t eating actual school food. 

It is served with a warm croissant bun with ham and cheese and also comes with an apple. What more could you want?

  1. Orange Chicken

This meal was added very recently and has made quite the impression on students. This meal comes with freshly marinated chicken on a bed of fried rice. As Cole Beamuer said, “It feels and tastes like you are eating from Leeann Chin.”

You will not regret getting this school lunch as it is one of the best as it feels like you are eating at an Asian restaurant.

  1. 2. Pizza

The good ole’ classic, what isn’t there to like about pizza? Sure “school” pizza might get a bad rep, but you will absolutely not regret getting this at least once. 

They have cheese, pepperoni, and sausage pizza, they have something for everyone. The best part is that it is fresh out of the oven as soon as you get it, so it has that oh so good melted cheese.

  • French Toast Sticks 

This is undoubtedly the most popular option at school for good reason. The sticks are served fresh with some of the best syrup you could taste. It is also served with a warm crunchy hash brown that falls apart in your mouth 

This meal is a miracle to all school lunches and you should most definitely give this meal a try.

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