Buffalo Gives Up The Lead To Lose The Homecoming Game

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Photo by Zack O’Borsky

The Buffalo Bison took on the Andover Huskies the #1 ranked team in Minnesota on Friday, October 1, for Homecoming.  While the Bison controlled the first half, the Huskies ended up with 22-18 victory.

Senior Eastmon Esson started the clash between two great teams with the kickoff.  With an incredible stop from the Bison defense on the Huskies’ first drive, it was time for the Bison to show what they could do. The Bison’s offense starting to show that they shouldn’t be taken lightly drove the ball down the field, with a 7 yard touchdown pass to Junior Danny Phillips.

Following Buffalo’s touchdown was another incredible stop by the Bison defense sending Andover’s offense into a spiral of inconsistent plays. 4 minutes into the second quarter Andover had finally put their first point’s on the board with an 8 yard run. 

 With a kick off from the Huskies it was the Bison’s turn to add some more points to their score. Buffalo’s offense playing the best football that they had played all year start to march the ball down the field, then with a 20 yard quarterback sneak Buffalo’s  Senior quarterback Evan Soeffker put some points on the board to widen their lead over Andover.  With another stop from buffalo on defense Buffalo scored again with 2 minutes and 30 seconds left on the clock with a pass to Senior Noah Karels making Buffalo’s lead 18-7.

The second half started with Buffalo looking to hold on to their lead over the Huskies. Buffalo kicked to Andover to start the second quarter Andover on offense got stopped by Buffalo’s defense, and the same thing happened to Buffalo’s offense the third quarter was a constant battle of both defenses putting a stop to each others offence.

In the early minutes of the final quarter, Andover starts to turn their luck around by scoring a touchdown with a 1 yard run. Getting Andover’s score closer to Buffalo’s. With another let down on Buffalo’s offense is giving Andover another chance to score. With not even 3 minutes later was another touchdown for Andover with an 8 yard run. With a final chance in the last few minutes of the final quarter Buffalo was looking to score to secure their win over Andover, but the Bison could not succeed by getting a safety for Andover to secure the win over Buffalo.

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