BHS Students celebrate their future on ‘Decision Day’

Seniors declare future plans with their peers in day of celebration.

Friday, April 30, was the day that many have been waiting for. Senior students are stepping into their futures, as Buffalo High School celebrates its annual commitment day. 

Every year senior’s publicly declare their post high school plans by wearing gear such as college merchandise or military uniforms. Students wear a variety of hats, t-shirts, and sweatshirts to show their newfound school spirit.

We interviewed senior Alayna West and asked her a few questions about decision day.

What are your post high school plans?

“I am going to Minnesota State Moorhead, I am planning on studying Fine Arts with a focus on animation.”

Did you participate in commitment day?

“I did not, I skipped school for senior skip.”

Did you represent your future college by wearing any gear/merchandise?

“I didn’t but my Mom who teaches here, wore my Minnesota State Moorhead T Shirt”

Did any of your friends participate in commitment day?

“I came in for the student council meeting, and a lot of the seniors who were here wore their shirts and sweatshirts. I also saw a ton of seniors wearing shirts when they were leaving the school.”

What do you believe is the purpose of commitment day?

“I think the schools goal for decision day is to encourage underclassmen to start looking at colleges, as well as connect seniors with other people who are going to their college.”

Overall, this year’s commitment day was a success, and many of the seniors that attended participated. If you are interested in seeing where seniors plan on going post graduation. Temporary signs are posted around the hallways showing some of the amazing schools and opportunities students are entering into this coming year.     

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