Who are the 2021 Hall of Fame Nominees really?

Class of 2021 Hall of Fame Nominees answer fun questions and discover the meaning of their nomination

Jillian Elton

Sydney Rhodes | Hoofprint.net

What activities are you involved in?

Theatre, Theatre Leadership team, Spotlight Education, Student council where I am a Co-President, Yearbook, Choir

If you were a Disney princess, who would you be and why? 

“I feel like I share a similar personality with Rapunzel from Tangled. I love her ambition and just how open and friendly she is to everyone. It’s my favorite Disney movie, and it’s a comfort movie for me.”

What’s your spirit animal and why? 

“I’d go with a flamingo. I have a reputation for playing a bird in the theatre department. I played a bird three times during my time at the high school, so I always pretend that I’m a flamingo.“

If you had to listen to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be?

“It’s a dumb answer. “I’m Holding Out For a Hero”, but only the one from Shrek Two. I love that part of the movie with the giant gingerbread when it’s super intense, and the fairy godmother is busy belting it out on the stage.”

What does being a Hall of Fame Nominee mean to you?

“The whole group is just a huge representation of strong leadership at our school. It’s people who are involved in all sorts of activities, who have made, and who have worked to make a positive impact at our school in whatever they do.”

Dillon Huss

Sydney Rhodes | Hoofprint.net

What activities are you involved in?

Soccer, Marching Band, Cross Country, Track

What is your favorite thing about Minnesota?

“Probably the Four Seasons we have, especially really nice summers.”

If you got to travel to one place outside of the USA, without a budget where would it be?

“Good question. I would probably travel to the Alps. I just love the mountains.”

What superhero do you most associate with and why?

“I’d say, Captain America. He is kind to everyone and tries to do what’s right.”

What does being a Hall of Fame Nominee mean to you?

“It’s a big responsibility and honor living up to what the teachers think of me, and to just act as I have in the past, which is probably why they chose me.”

Elle Kaiser

Sydney Rhodes | Hoofprint.net

What activities are you involved in?

Swim and Dive, Student Council, Change to Chill

If you were on a TV show, which one would you like to be on?

“New girl. I just love how they’re all such good friends, and they all have fun together and joke. It just looks like a dream.”

What’s the name of your go-to Spotify playlist?

“Hold on, I need to refer to it. I would have to say, Miss’ Worldwide. It’s all summer songs to blast to, but it’s just a bunch of songs that make me feel good about just having fun with life.”

What is your favorite time of the year, and why?

“Summer, because I’m tan. I love being tan. Also because of the things I love to do. I love being on the lake, wake surfing, skiing, and tubing. I like kneeboarding. All of that stuff. Plus, I have a summer job usually, and I love having that source of income.”

What does being a Hall of Fame Nominee mean to you?

“It means a lot because I did not realize that I resonated so much with so many teachers, and I thought that was super cool that they voted me to be one of the last 10 people and last five girls. It makes me grateful that the teachers I’ve connected with felt just as much of a connection with me as I did with them. That’s stuck with them until now too.”

Owen Klaphake

Sydney Rhodes | Hoofprint.net

What activities are you involved in?

Tennis, Spring Musicals, One Act, Plays, Student Council, Student Council Exec, Yearbook, Theatre leadership team, Choir, BHS Singers

If you could fill a pool with anything, what would you fill it with?

“I would have to say Jello. You know, cloudy with a chance to meet balls? I’m gonna hope for a moment like that where I can just bounce around on it, and eat it. It’s awesome.”

What is an unusual food you love? 

“I really like mustard. I used to, ok I’m hesitant to tell the story, but when I was a child, I would just eat mustard plain. Then I used to put it on saltine crackers, my ham and cheese sandwiches. It’d be ham, cheese mustard, and a lot of mustard. Yeah, lots of mustard.”

Which Disney princess are you?

“I would have to say Rapunzel. You know, she seems to have a short attention span. I have a short attention span, plus she has a pet lizard friend. That’s frickin’ awesome. I wish I had a lizard.”

What does being a Hall of Fame Nominee mean to you?

“I just think it’s so cool. I came from such a small school originally, coming from St. Francis. When I came into high school, I was expecting to not know anyone, and not talk to anyone because I didn’t like talking to people, so just having the opportunity to continue my education from St. Francis, and being able to build off of that, build connections, and branch out and do all these amazing things is such an amazing opportunity that I didn’t think I would have. Being nominated for Hall of Fame has reassured me that I’m doing a good job, which I think is awesome.”

Joselyn Peterson

Sydney Rhodes | Hoofprint.net

What activities are you involved in?

Tennis Captain, Golf, FCA leadership

What is the number one thing on your bucket list?

“I’m not sure it’s a bucket list item, but a dream of mine would be having a big family.”

What’s your favorite fruit?

“100% watermelon.”

What would be your ideal day off?

“Getting in a car full of my favorite people and just driving around, and seeing what happens. Stop wherever you want, and just have fun!”

What does being a Hall of Fame Nominee mean to you?

“I think It shows the effort I put in was appreciated. It also shows that I care about my school and my teachers and that those things didn’t go unnoticed.”

Cole Laplante

Sydney Rhodes | Hoofprint.net

What activities are you involved in?

Baseball, Basketball, NHS, Unity Project, Peer Coaching

What’s an unusual food that you love?

“I love octopus or squid, which is kinda weird, but I enjoy it.”

What was your favorite childhood TV show growing up?

“There are so many to choose from, but definitely Curious George. That goes way back. When I was five that’s all I remember watching.”

What’s your favorite zoo animal?

“Giraffes or penguins. I’ve just always liked them.”

What does being a Hall of Fame Nominee mean to you?

“It means that I’m a part of a group that embodies a lot of good quality traits. I think our group represents our school really well, and to me, it just means that you are next to a lot of people that you’d want to be next to. These are the people you want to surround yourself with, and that means you’ve done that.”

Alayna West

Sydney Rhodes | Hoofprint.net

What activities are you involved in?

Jazz Three, Theatre, Run Crew, Deck Chief, Stage Manager, Band, Theatre Leadership Team, NHS, Student Council where I am a Co-President, Yearbook 

If you were a Disney princess, who would you be and why? 

“Well, here’s my complex. The classic I feel like would be Belle, but I think deep down I would be Meg from Hercules. She’s a little sassy and spunky, but once you’re her friend she really cares for you.”

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

“That’s really hard since I work at What’s the Scoop, but my go-to is Big Muddy; chocolate, caramel, and brownie. It’s addicting.”

What is your favorite scent?

“Evergreen pine trees. That’s why I love Christmas because the houses smell like pine trees.”

What does being a Hall of Fame Nominee mean to you?

“I don’t know what the correct word for it is, but I just feel grateful. That’s really cheesy, but it’s nice knowing that the work I put into being a good student and a good friend, shows me that that’s been recognized. I’m really happy that after four years here it’s been recognized, and that I had an impact on people.”

David Nunn

Sydney Rhodes | Hoofprint.net

What activities are you involved in?

Varsity Hockey as a manager and player, Varsity Tennis, Yearbook, Student Council, NHS, Cross Country

If you could be any movie character, who would you want to be?

“I’d have to say Maverick from Top Gun. He does his job so well, and it’s really cool to see people perform their profession at that level.”

What life experience has shaped you most?

“Having several concussions last year, and going into the school year with that. I learned how to face adversity in special ways, even when I didn’t think it was possible. Even though I’ve had a lot of help to get where I am today, I’ve figured out how to be successful on my own as well.”

If you could destroy one food forever, what would it be?

“Ice Cream. I’m lactose intolerant, but it’s way too good not to eat it, so I’d rather just not have it as an option.”

What does being a Hall of Fame Nominee mean to you?

“It’s an honor and privilege, to say the least. Just being able to be recognized in the group that I am, is pretty incredible to me. I know that there’s a group of tremendous guys and girls that we’re with this year. When I first was a freshman in high school, Mrs. Reedy had won the award, and she was talking about it, and I looked up to her and wished and worked from then on to win this award. Even if I don’t win it, just being nominated and being recognized for my work and service to the school is pretty incredible. Plus, with the essay I was able to write, I was able to thank the teachers and staff that helped me along the way, and I think that’s probably the most special part about it, for sure. I haven’t gotten to thank any of them individually, and in that letter, I was able to do that to some degree, which was pretty special to me.”

Bridget Weese

Sydney Rhodes | Hoofprint.net

What activities are you involved in?

FFA, Basketball, NHS, Student Leaders

What’s your favorite song to jam to while driving?

“Anything by young Justin Bieber.”

What is your go-to fast-food order?

“Subway. Six-inch steak and cheese with veggies, of course.”

What color best describes you?

“Personality-wise, I think yellow, but my favorite color is blue.”

What does being a Hall of Fame Nominee mean to you?

“I don’t even have words for it. When I found out, I was at home and Alayna called me on FaceTime, and Mr.Mischke’s face on the other side, and he told me. It’s a huge honor to be even considered, and especially with my group of fellow nominees, too. They’re all incredible, so I’m just super thankful.”

Sterling Yates

Sydney Rhodes | Hoofprint.net

What activities are you involved in?

Concert Band, Jazz Band, Delano Community Band, BPA Chapter Officer, Mock Trial, Vice President of Educators Rising, NHS, Tri-M, TFC, Captain for Cross Country, Track, International Club, German Exchange Program

What is your favorite US state and why?

“I have two. First Minnesota because I have grown up here, and South Carolina because it means you’re visiting family.”

Who would you want to play you in the movie of your life?

“Gordon Ramsay. His ability to go from positive to negative is truly inspiring, and I genuinely believe that he is a positive person.”

If you were stranded on an island, what three things would you bring?

“Obviously not a phone because that would be stupid. 

  1. I would probably bring a gallon of milk because when the milk is gone you can fill it with water, and you can get that protein, plus when it expires you can have sour cream.
  2. Potatoes because they’re very versatile and you can grow more potatoes from that one
  3. An extra change of clothes because I don’t want to smell terrible, plus they could be used as a floating device”

What does being a Hall of Fame Nominee mean to you?

“I care more about the nomination than winning. I think it’s awesome that I’m chosen to represent by a school that really pushes for inclusion, and I also think it’s cool to be recognized for my efforts as well.”

Cover photo by Ryan McCallum

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