Alayna Russell used the COVID Quarantine to turn a passion into a business

Senior Alayna Russell uses jewelry business to make her dreams come true

While most students were bored, sitting at home doing nothing during quarantine, senior Alayna Russel spent her time creating jewelry from new and old pieces to sell on her Instagram page to fund her dreams. 

“I hand make all my pieces,” Russell said. “I get most of my supplies from craft stores and a lot of my beads are used from pieces of jewelry I find at thrift stores.” 

Russell displays most of her jewelry and crafts on an Instagram account,  @onamissionearrings . She said that this was a pleasant way to pass time and make money. She said she sells between 10 and 20 pairs a month, depending on the month.

“I really want to use the money toward this program called International Language Program,” Russel said, “where you go and teach English in a different country for a few months.”

Continuing forward, Russell showed an interest in selling her products in other areas as a long-term goal. 

“I think it may be cool to sell some at the occasional shops downtown,” she said. 

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