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BHS announces 2020 Hall of Fame candidates

During a time of unprecedented change and disruption, the announcement of the Hall of Fame candidates from the class of 2020 represents more than just an annual tradition. The tradition brings some comfort and familiarity to the end of the year as well as a way to celebrate seniors. 

The male Hall of Fame Candidates are Jack Leipholtz, Jack Lanners, Brandon Maatz, Luke Lichtenberg, and Dami Omole. The female candidates are Amanda Krinke, Tori Herda, Lucy Johnson, Mya Tiernan, and Maggie Hermanson. 

One senior male and female leader who made a positive impact on BHS are selected into the BHS Hall of Fame. The students are selected by a vote amongst all staff members. According to Assistant Principal Nick Guida, these students are “phenomenal people” who embody the core values of BHS: Be Nice, Be Proud, Work Hard, and Model Behavior. 

“I think that the students that end up as finalists for Hall of Fame are very well-rounded individuals,” Guida said. “They generally have made an impact across BHS in a multitude of ways. From academics to extracurriculars, these individuals have excelled in every aspect of their BHS experience.”

Now that the finalists have been announced, staff members will vote on two candidates to win the Hall of Fame awards for 2020 and have their pictures placed in the front entryway of the school. 

¨I am definitely proud of myself. I’m usually a pretty busy person– besides quarantine canceling a lot of my activities– so I was excited to hear about it, knowing that I had put a lot of work to get here,” Lanners said.

“I was really shocked at first because I forgot about the hall of fame amidst being in quarantine, but I’m so honored because all the nominees are amazing leaders so to be in a group with them is incredible,” Hermanson said.

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