5 things Students should know to stay safe from Coronavirus

With the recent district email about the Coronavirus here are some facts and tips to keep you safe and healthy.

  1. Germs are everywhere! Even though the schools have janitors that clean everyday when we leave, they don’t clean laptops which is one of the most used items in our school. If you can, try to wipe down your laptop or wash your hands after using them.
  2. As teenagers we use phones all the time and they are one of the biggest carriers of bacteria and germs. Try to keep your phones away from your face specifically your eyes, nose, and mouth. Wipe your phone at least twice a day.
  3. Surgical masks don’t keep you safe from catching Coronavirus so cough and sneeze into your arm.
  4. Going into Spring many students will be traveling. Airports and Public Transportation are huge hubs for the spreading of illnesses. Take extra precaution to wash your hands, use hand sanitizer, and wipe down the areas around you.
  5. Last but not least if you’re feeling sick stay home. The best prevention in spreading illnesses is to isolate yourself to make sure you’re not spreading what you have to others.
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