Air Force 1s: Trend or Trash?

Will you crease the shoe...

Matthew Butler ‘20, owns a very distinctive pair of Air Force 1s. He said they retail for $1300 but he got them for $500 on Poshmark, a reselling app. Autumn Schmidt |

Air Force 1s have become an overnight trend. First released in 1982, they are the most popular Nike shoe ever sold. And seemingly, one of the most popular at Buffalo High School.

People have many different feelings on whether they are stylish or not.

Maddy Anderson 22’ thinks, “They are kinda basic, but fun. I have already creased them and stained them but I clean them at least once a day. I even bought a protective stain resistant spray for them.”

Around the school and basically everywhere. Some even seem to care more about these white shoes than their lives.

With the rise of Air Force 1s, Nike has had to up their game and now will make shoppers custom Air Force 1s for a ‘small’ upcharge. If people are looking for an even more unique shoe, sellers on EtsyⓇ add all sorts of modifications to the shoe. Including embroidery, painted pictures, and sequins.

Will you join the trend?

Story by Ella Ebert and Autumn Schmidt

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