Kickin’ off Summer at Bison Field West

An inside look at the annual BHS Bison Field Festival

This past Friday, students filled Bison Field West for the annual Bison Field Festival. This occurs every year on the last Friday before the end of the school year. It is open to all grades, and it is from 6:00 pm to dusk. At the field festival, there are yard games, a dunk tank, food vendors, knocker-ball, spike ball and this year a showing of Spider-man Into the Spider-verse.

At the festival, there were many different activities going on, and there were a lot of people spending time with their friends and enjoying the great weather. It was a good way to kick-off the start of summer.

“I really liked playing frisbee with my friends,” said sophomore Brooke Bergeron.“And I love that What’s The Scoop? is here because its a local business, and it’s super good to eat!”

Kracklin’ Rosies food truck and What’s The Scoop? were definitely a hit at the field festival, and it was nice to be able to have a snack in-between playing games. Knocker-ball, which is a soccer game where you compete against other teams while inside a blow up ball, was a popular and competitive game to play.

“Knocker-ball was the best,” exclaimed freshman Patrick Lubben. “So was the food truck, they had really good apple pie tacos.”

Along with knocker-ball, other favorites were the dunk tank, and spike ball. Everybody enjoyed being able to dunk their friends by throwing a ball and hitting the target, or being the one dunked. It made for good laughs, and very fun memories.

“I really enjoyed dunking my friends in the dunk tank,” said sophomore Bari Flynn.

As next year’s Bison Field Festival is already in mind, there are a few improvements to be made. In order to improve attendance, some people have suggested more publicity for the event, especially because it is something you don’t want to miss out on. Along with that, hopefully, there will be more seating arrangements in order to relax, watch the games, and eat ice cream.

“Probably more publicity for it, like get some more people to know about it,” said Lubben. “I’ve told a lot of people about it to see if they were coming and they were like ‘what’s Bison Field Festival?’”

The Bison Field Festival was a fun way to spend time with friends towards the end of the school year. People were able to get out, enjoy the wonderful weather, and play many different yard games.

Photo by Carly Kauffman

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