Is your BHM School Email Useful?

Are school emails useful? Does it benefit you to have one? Students of Buffalo High School were recently asked.  

Many said Yes, others said No.

“Yes, it’s useful so the school can see what kind of stuff you got going on,” Junior Carter Jerde said.

Junior Jared Kohnen agrees. “I need to get emails from teachers,” he said.

Junior Kaden Stubstad thinks an email specific to school is nice to have.

“It is convenient and efficient to have a seperate email for school,” he said.

Many people like having a email for assignments, surveys, and other information and opportunities that get emailed to you.

Others don’t believe a school email is needed, like Freshman Evan Soefker and Sophomore Gabe Bursch.

“It’s not useful to me because I never really check it,” Soefker said. “I check it like once a week.”

Gabe thinks they are useless. “No, it’s not useful. It’s pointless. When do you use your email? Besides when teachers send you stuff?” He said.

School emails help some students, and others simply don’t have a need or want for one.

Do you think school emails are useful?

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