Rumors emerge about a school-wide drug search

A drug dog could be the next step in cracking down on the use of illegal substances at Buffalo High School

Last week, when everyone returned from spring break, Buffalo High School removed all of the doors to the bathrooms. It caused a great deal of discussion and some push back from students, but it remains to be seen if it impacted student behavior. 

A senior at Buffalo High School stated, “I didn’t really care that they [Buffalo High School] took down the doors. The first day we all came back after Spring Break, I was hitting my dab pen in the bathroom, like nothing has changed.”

Some students didn’t see an issue with removing the bathroom doors, and supported the change.

A junior at Buffalo stated, “I don’t really care that they took the doors off, I hope it means fewer kids will vape at school.”

Now, there’s a rumor floating around the school that Officer Jacobson is bringing in a drug dog during an upcoming school day. It is said that no one knows that actual date of this search, but admin has sent out an email to all of BHS staff members.

Drug-sniffing dogs can smell the nicotine in e-cigs very easily.

So the real question is, is admin really going follow through with it or did they just do this to scare the students?

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