Roboherd Places 11th in Duluth Robotics Tournament

The Finish is Buffalo High Schools Best Finish In Programs History

On March 7, the Roboherd placed 11th in a robotics tournament in Duluth.

“It is the best we’ve done. Last year we got 16th out of 63 and the year before that we got 63 out of 63”,  said Sophomore Eli Ostvig. “I feel like each person had their own idea. So we were able to put all of our ideas together”.

Ostvig went on to explain that the Roboherd has learned from their last three years.

“We definitely had better communication and more experience this year,” Ostvig said.

Each team is able to accomplish more if they are able to get sponsored.

“If you are a beginning team, you usually don’t do too well,” Ostvig said, “because you don’t have a good budget.”

This year, the Roboherd was able to get a edge.

 “We had some old sponsors that we used over the years,” Ostvig said, “but this year, one parent contacted their business and they gave us around $5,000.”

     Moving forward, this victory shows that the Roboherd is only getting better.

“We could continue if we got picked for Worlds,” Ostvig said, “but we aren’t really expecting that”. 

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