What is BHS’s Favorite Hot Lunch?

71 students at BHS were recently asked what their favorite lunch is. The Cheesy Bread Bites made their debut at the start of this year, and hit it off with many people. They are a resemblance of the beloved Cheese Filled Bread sticks, that are no longer an option.

“I love cheese.”  Junior Mackenzie Holmquist said.”So anything cheese related, I like.” 

What is your favorite hot lunch?
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Mini Corn Dogs were just as popular as the Bread Bites. They have been around for a long time, and are not going out of style.

“I don’t really eat hot lunches…but the Mini Corn Dogs are pretty good.” Senior Cal James added. “And the French Toast Sticks have progressively gotten worse.”

Following closely after those two was the Chicken Alfredo and the newly added Sassy Chicken. The Sassy Chicken is a new lunch this year. It is a spicy sauce tossed onto the chicken, and is popular because of the load of flavor that comes with it. Many people are enjoying it.

“It’s good,” Joe Carothers simply said. “Especially on game days.”

With all of the options for lunch at school, almost every student has a favorite they could go to every day. Now you have heard some of the most popular lunches from other students.

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Basketball #22. I love four wheeling and snowmobiling. I have a dog and a cat. I love my truck.

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