Are senior pictures worth the price?

Seth Curran and John Russett, seniors at Buffalo high school, took different directions in their senior photo session. John Russett, paid $0 while Seth Curran paid $1509.59.

“I didn’t really care about my pictures, but my mom wanted them to be high quality, so we hired a photographer,” said Curran.

While many seniors take the more expensive way by hiring a photographer, some take a cheaper route, like John Russett.

“Honestly I didn’t really want to have my senior pictures done so my dad just grabbed his iPhone and we took them on our deck,” Russett said.

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Who's photo was better?

Many people think that having a professional take your pictures is the way to go, what do you guys think?

Although Buffalo High School students have the privilege of putting senior photos in the yearbook for free, many other school don’t get that chance. Some schools require the families to pay to put their senior photos in their yearbook in the form of a Senior Ad. In those schools, students don’t submit a senior photo; instead, they all have to wear the same outfit on picture day.

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They do this to show that your economic standings doesn’t matter and everyone is ensured a place in the book. However, they can’t personalize their pictures.

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