Top 5 Free Books from the BHS Library

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What kind of books can you find at the BHS library? Almost anything imaginable, actually. You can find basically every genre to exist in that place. But, what are the free books located outside of the library? What genres are those? Well… They’re something alright. We’ve searched through the majority and narrowed down five of the most, um, interesting books we’ve found.

Number 5: Erasing the Ink: Getting Rid of Your Tattoo

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Okay, so the overall idea of this book is alright, which is why it’s at the bottom of the list. This book’s weirdness or comedy is a deeper kind of comedy. Why is a book about removing tattoos in a school library in the first place? Does this book have any funny quotes or anything? There’s a reason it’s at the bottom, okay? So, no.

Number 4: Cocaine and Crack Addiction

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So, much like number five; this book isn’t known for its comedic quotes, but digging in we find some strange pictures that bump it into the 4th place. Here’s what we mean:

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The pictures in this book are actually kind of disturbing and leave a creepy feeling afterwards for the viewer that make them wonder why they are reading it or maybe even why did they check the book out in the first place. Come to think of it, there are many questions I have from the picture alone, like, “how is that creepy face related to drugs in the slightest?” The actual book is a serious title about what you can do to get out of addiction.

Number 3: Dream Girls

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So. this book actually has little to no narrative. It’s a picture book with a few pages at the beginning. We believed this was a stage act that then had it professionally photographed. In actuality, it’s a picture book with screengrabs from the 2006 film staring Jamie Foxx and Beyoncé. With no context here, there’s little we can figure out. But, who would check this out? Maybe that’s why it found itself in a free book pile..

Number 2: Wii and Video: Game Injuries and Fitness

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Ohhh boy. This book… is golden. If you’ve ever wanted to know about injuries with the Wii console, this book is amazing. You can learn so much about Wii Bowling in here. Here’s a few things you can learn with this book:

“Exergaming and Physical Therapy”

“What Injuries are Caused with Exergaming?”

And, as an added bonus on the back, they tell you their other titles, which include Teen Fatherhood.

Number 1: What You Can Do to Avoid Aids (Magic Johnson)

Dawson Bechtold |

Alright, this book is well deserving of the number one spot on this list. This book was written in the late ‘90s by Earvin “Magic” Johnson Jr. Some of the quotes in this book are very ‘Magic.’

“I’m hispanic. I thought only white people get HIV.”

“WRONG.” (Magic goes into immense detail.)

Isiah DuBois used to keep this book in his back pocket and referred to it as his “Pocket Bible.” You now know the bond this book can create between book and the human heart. This book currently fetches $30 used on Amazon, which is almost enough to buy you a cheap pair of Heelys.

Sadly, all good things must die out eventually, including these books. The stacks located in front of the library are packed away in boxes, but will forever remain in our hearts. While what we once loved is no longer here with us, we can now look back at the good ol’ times and maybe even smile. These books are being donated once they find somewhere that will accept these rejects.

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