Distracted Drivers are Putting Everyone in Danger

Teen Drivers and Distracted Driving

With cell phones now being called a necessity, distracted driving is at it’s worst point with at least 11 teens dying everyday across the United States. Almost everyone can acknowledge that using your phone while you drive is dangerous, but knowing that it’s dangerous, doesn’t stop many teens from breaking the law.

For drivers under the age of 18 years old it is illegal to use a cell phone while you drive, whether hand-held or hands-free — except to call 911 in an emergency. Some think that you should only be allowed to use hands free devices while you drive,even if you’re over 18. Meaning, Bluetooth, Voice Assistant, etc…, is the only way to contact someone through your phone.

Although that method is more safe, many people don’t agree. In May of 2018, a bill requiring drivers to use cell phones hands-free passed in committee Thursday and is heading to the House floor for a vote. Rep. Frank Hornstein, co-founder of the bill, says “This is the fastest growing source of death and injury on our highways,”

We asked two students from Buffalo High School to talk about their opinions on distracted driving. Both students stated that distracted driving is not a smart idea and that it can be hard to look away at times.

“I have friends who are not the best drivers and I don’t think that it’s because they’re physically unable to drive, I think that they just get distracted too much while they are driving,” Senior Joe Triden explains. “One of my good friends will be on his phone and be completely in the other lane.”

Senior Bailey Braccini says, “I think it is a very common trend in high schoolers and pretty much all my friends will snapchat or reply to my texts while driving.”

Both can agree that Snapchat, texting, and changing music on phones all contribute to distracted driving the most.

Ninety-four percent of teens recognize that distracted driving is dangerous. That means that even the people who agree with it being dangerous, commit the act themselves. A simple task to keep yourself safe and other safe while driving would be to put it down; it’s that easy.

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