Yearbook Order Forms Are Out!

The Tatanka Yearbook forms arrived in mailboxes Tuesday of this week. This year, the method of ordering yearbooks has changed for the better. The new system in ordering should make ordering a yearbook much more efficient. Last year, order forms were sent out from the school address, students or parents had to mail the form and money back to the school.  This year the school doesn’t have to handle any money, the forms will be mailed straight to the publishing company. Ryan McCallum, Yearbook Adviser thought this would be a good idea.

“A service has been offered to us, with no cost to us or parents. It’s efficient, students or staff doesn’t have to handle money, there’s less chance for error,” said. Yearbook Adviser Ryan McCallum.  

Our yearbook is much anticipated around our school every year. The Tatanka Yearbook is an all gold winner, it’s one of the best in the country and state.  Our yearbook has been high in the rankings and there are very high expectations for it every year.  Each year, they try to make the yearbook different than it was the following year. This year’s yearbook should be totally different.

“I can honestly say, this year’s yearbook is completely different than any other year. The yearbook reflects the school, its students, and the school year,” said McCallum.

Don’t bring the yearbook forms with money to school. Everyone should just mail the form and money to the address on the form or order online. Those who are mailing the form, mail it by January 11. Anyone who is ordering online, order the yearbook by January 13.

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