Seniors are SHOOK when Freshman get to skip April 24th.

Up until the class of 2021, the Seniors at BHS would have a free skip day all to themselves on April 24th, the day the Juniors take the ACT. The Freshman would go to the gym and get weighed, measured and play games. But as of 2018, the Freshman will now be gifted the day to skip as well.

Senior, Damon Bates put his input into this” I am SHOOK”. Bates continued to say ” I don’t think it’s fair that Freshman get to skip, but we never did. I feel like we should be given an extra day off one of these days to make up for the days that we didn’t get off”.

The Seniors may have gotten on the bad side of this, but the Freshman may think it is a good idea with the extra day they now get off to rest.

Freshman, Madeline Brakken has a different thought on all of this ” It makes me feel excited to have the day off”. Brakken continued to say ” I think they did this so that way the upperclassmen can have a calm and quiet atmosphere to take their tests and to not be disturbed or distracted”.

In the end, we don’t know if this is a good idea or not. There may not be any benefits for the Freshman staying that day. But that is all up to the opinion of the students that attend BHS

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