Tips and Tricks for Asking Someone to Prom

With less than one month to go before prom, time is now to ask your dream date to accompany you to the big day. For some people the thought of asking someone to prom might sound scary, but with a few simple tips and ideas, the moment can become a whole lot easier.

“Be yourself and if the girl truly likes you she will say yes,” junior Cassie Mallinger said. A lot of people find themselves feeling nervous before prom and worry about trying to find a date.

“Just try to stay relaxed and remember the worst that can happen is they say no,” said  junior Ashley Court.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money, or any at all, to still have a great promposal.

“I like the signs with play on words, or spelling out prom in a funny way,” said junior Megan Lowell. ‘I don’t like super extravagant things like buying stuff though.” Although it isn’t necessary, some people want surprise their date by asking them in a bigger way.

“Getting asked with something involving a gift like tennis shoes, Victoria’s Secret, or Lulus. Then have a type of cute saying on a poster would be ideal, but it has to be a surprise!” Said senior Hailey Sorenson. Surprising someone with something they love is always a good idea. Rather it’s clothes, food, or taking them to a favorite place.

No matter what happens, asking someone to prom should be fun and exciting, not stressful and scary. Remember to be yourself and everything will work out great.

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