The Track and Field Team is Giving Back

Feed My Starving Children: a Christian non-profit organization that provides nutritionally complete meals, specifically formulated for malnourished children.

March 20th, the girls track team decided to give back and head down to Chanhassen to pack these meals; they would be providing to children of Haiti. Leslie Solis a sophomore on the team tells about what it was like to participate in this activity and what sort of things they did.  

“So we got there and then we split up into different teams.” The meals consisted of rice, protein, soy, and vegetables. “And then one person put in the rice, one person puts in vegetables, and yeah. You know like the ramen packets? How they have the powder, that’s what the protein was like, and then the vegetables, and you know how they have the little dried vegetables, like that.”

Teams consisted of about 12 people, as Solis explained, 2 people at each food station, people to weigh, and people to seal and box. The process really impacted Leslie, and she said she would happily go back to do it again.

“Its like fun to like give back when you already have everything you need, it’s better to help other people that actually need food. At the end the best part was like seeing how much you boxed and how much you guys as a team accomplished together, like you see how many kids you are going to be feeding for a year.”

The boys team participated in Feed My Starving Children March 27th.

Photo from Bison Track and Field Facebook

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