Mia Janke is ready for the challenge of college athletics

A lot of high school athletes have thought about continuing their sport to college. Not all athletes get accepted to play for the school they want but some do.

Senior Mia Janke has been accepted to cheer at the collegiate level at the University of Minnesota.

“After 7 years of blood sweat and tears put into cheer,” Janke said, “I am officially part of U of M spirit squad.”

Some student athletes think they want to continue their sport into college but once they get to the practices they find out it is a lot more work than it was in high school and they end up quitting. Dedication to a sport is essential if athletes want to continue it into college. Keeping grades up and in a college sport can be difficult for some people, but it is possible to do.

Sarah Nowezki, a 2015 BHS grad, said, “My overall opinion on college sports is incredible. I am currently attending Southwest State as an Education major and am involved within three different dance teams at the same time (hip hop,jazz, and pom). As a beginning college student, I was nervous about the balance i’d face with school an dance , but it has been fairly easy. Dance is something I love to do so I never regret showing up and working for what I love. My dance team practices Tuesday and Thursday 12-1 and Sunday 7-10. They’re very flexible with school lab hours, because they understand the importance of the quote “school comes first.” I am planning to be on this team the next 3 years attending this school. Dance keeps me active and calm, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.”

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Maranda Shun

"In the end we only regret the chances we didnt take."

Hailey Moser

Work hard, Play Hard;)

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