First Reactions to the 2015 Yearbook

The 2015 yearbook came out on Friday and, for most people, it’s a huge hit. Josh Fischmenn, Anna Demjen, and Leah Mussell are the heads of the yearbook and run a staff of 46 people. They are in charge of working on photos, writing, design, and much more which can take a lot of time. The yearbook staff has been working on this edition since February, 2014.

On Student Appreciation Day, students got their first looks at the book. For many freshmen, this was the first time they had seen a high school yearbook.

“It was really big. I think it’s always really big and fancy but I was surprised.” said Freshman Lindsay Decker

Freshman, Laura Hillukka, was surprised by how impressive it was as she said “I really wish I would have bought one”

However, upperclassmen have seen BHS yearbooks before, so they had past books to compare this years to.

“My favorite yearbook so far was my ninth grade one. It was really cool.” says Junior Parker Peterson.

There were so many new things added to this yearbook, that have never been there before. The staff worked hard to make it new and original.

“I thought it was really good, I liked all the pictures at the bottom of each page.” says Junior Julia Huston.
There are still a handful of yearbooks left, so get yours now!

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