How Milky are your Legs?

Milky legs may be a term unknown to some. The definition could be described as ” the upper thigh region of a male, that happends to be very pasty.” Guys are out and about all of the time in the Summer getting their tan on, and unfortunately for all of us their thighs don’t recieve the tan.  This is known to make a lot of girls uncomfortable….

“It makes me super uncomfortable and it’s gross,” says junior Sabrina Kumlin. “It’s weird especially because my legs are the opposite, tan thighs and pasty calves.”

Guys can’t help these milky legs, they can’t exactly strut around in short-shorts like us ladies. Although it’s not the best look they have had to come to terms with their pastiness.

” I love a good pair of milky legs. I have a pair myself, and I think they are the milkiest legs in the whole school says junior Trevor Bengston (who is featured in the middle of the picture above). “I don’t have that good of milky legs, I’m Asian. I would say my legs are like a chocolate milk,” describes junior Sam Krone (pictured left in the picture above). Usually these pearly legs come from sports or working outside in the summer junior Sam Therrien‘s milky legs (pictured right in the picture above) are from his baseball season “You can’t help it, unless you want to wear short-shorts I guess.

Some of the older cats (Mr. Schneider) wasn’t aware of milky legs and it had to be explained. “Well, I don’t show my milky legs in public if that’s what you mean. If you sit down your shorts ride up and you automatically have milky legs, so I don’t know what to tell you.”

There is no cure for milky legs, unless short-shorts or speedos are an option. We will try our best as a society not to judge you for your pasty thighs… no promises.

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