Rebuilding our weight room to rebuild our athletes

Big changes are happening around the district. Along with our new sports facilities that are being added to our school comes an upgrade to our weight room.

Many students are unhappy with the current condition of the weight room.

“I really don’t like the weight room right now,” said Junior Mike Sawdey. “I can’t get anything done in there. All of the weights are old and worn out.”

Our weight room is going through a huge renovation. The cost is split between three funding sources — the Buffalo High School budget, BHS athletics, and Buffalo-Hanover-Montrose school district dollars.

The sound system has already been upgraded from an old boom box to a new set of speakers that will help kids get motivated. This summer will be a big one for the facility. It will be receiving a whole new look, including new paint, graphics and metallic structures on the walls, and even a strip of turf which will be used for agility drills and other purposes.

Weight room   

In addition to a new look, the weight room is getting a whole new array of equipment. The new equipment will come from a company called Sorinex. Sorinex is an exercise equipment company that is known for making some of the best equipment around. Our weight room will include twelve new “premium power racks” which have multiple capabilities for anyone to get a complete and effective workout. There will also be PowerBlocks  added to the weight room to eliminate a massive build up of unnecessary dumbells.

“If we don’t do this, then we are going to continue to see a downfall,” said Interim Activities Director Nick Guida.

Guida has wanted to make this change for a very long time now. Our weight room has been getting small repairs and additions, but Guida is ready for a complete make-over.

“We’re putting band-aids on a fracture that just keeps cracking,” said Guida.

The weight room is being made to resemble that of Duke University’s, with it’s great quality equipment and well designed layout. The upgrade is supposed to be finished before August, which gives athletes the chance to use the new weight room to rain for the upcoming sports seasons. Coaches and other athletic staff are looking to reshape our sports programs by creating better athletes.

“I’m extremely excited,” said Guida.

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